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Now, she wanted to delete it but couldn’t delete it.

In the ear, the sound of smashing cars was endless, and the brand-new Maserati was quickly smashed into a pile of scrap iron.

Liu Ming trembled all over, no matter how stupid he knew it, he probably kicked on an iron plate this time, and he hugged Orvel’s leg and begged for mercy: “I’m wrong, Uncle, please spare me once, I really know it’s wrong!”

“Wrong with your mother!” Mr. Orvel kicked Liu Ming fiercely in the chest, turned to look at Charlie, and asked for instructions: “Mr. Wade, what do you think?”

Charlie glanced at Liu Ming coldly and smiled: “This kid is very interesting. He likes to curse and sprays manure with his mouth full. By the way, two days ago I heard that someone also sprayed manure with his mouth full, and was finally pulled to the toilet. Licking the urinal, do you know this?”

Of course Orvel knows!

At the time in the brilliant club, Barena Wei of the Wei family brought a concubine over and offended Mr. Wade. He was forced by Boyu, the head housekeeper of the Song family, to lick eight urinals. This matter spread early in Aurous Hill. A lot of people talked after dinner.

However, Boyu didn’t dare to expose Charlie’s identity to the outside world, so no one outside knew that Barena Wei and his concubine were punished so badly that they had offended some big people.

Two days ago, Liu Ming laughed at Barena Wei for being embarrassed and being so miserable. He also said that if he was so miserable, he would resist desperately.

Unexpectedly, Charlie suddenly said such words at this time, and his soul was frightened.

He didn’t want to follow in Barena Wei’s footsteps and lick the urinal in the men’s bathroom…

So he hurriedly begged: “Mr. Wade, I don’t know. Please forgive me this time. You see that my car was also smashed, and I am out of breath. Please forgive me. One time…”

Charlie smiled lightly and said: “You seemed to like to call me a poor man just now. I think you seem to be particularly interested in the word poor man?”

“No, no!” Liu Ming hurriedly shook his head and waved his hand, and explained in a flustered manner: “I am a poor man! I am a poor man! Mr. Wade!”

Charlie nodded and said, “Okay, since you know you are poor, then I suggest you engrave these two characters on your forehead so that everyone can know, right?”

Liu Ming squatted his head in fright, and cried, “Mr. Wade, please spare me this time. I am willing to pay you five million! Oh no! I will pay you ten million!”

Charlie shook his head: “I am a poor person, so I am not interested in your money. Besides, you scared my wife just now. Do you think you can just lose some money?”

After speaking, he asked Orvel: “Mr. Orvel, do you have a knife?”

Orvel hurriedly winked at his opponent.

His men immediately handed over a sharp folding dagger.

Orvel handed the dagger to Charlie respectfully and said, “Mr. Wade, please.”

“Shall I please?” Charlie glared at him and asked him: “Do you think it’s worthwhile for me to write an inscription by myself?”

Only then did Mr. Orvel realize how big a mistake he had made!

Yes, a Liu Ming, how can he be qualified to let Mr. Wade personally engrave on his forehead!

So he hurriedly said: “Mr. Wade, let me come! I come!”

Charlie nodded and said, “Engrave a little deeper, I’m afraid that if the engraving is shallow, he will not have a long memory in the future!”