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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4218 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4218 Start

Joseph nodded and asked again, “Mr. Wade, your subordinate also plans to go to New York to wait for your next instruction at any time, what do you think?”

Charlie asked him, “Will there be any trouble for your identity to go to the United States?”

“Their Homeland Security will surely be very nervous when you go to America, right?”

“No.” Joseph said confidently, “I have several legal American identities, one of them is a Chinese executive of an American company,”

“This company is invested in by Cataclysmic Front, the person in charge is also a member of Cataclysmic Front,”

“The details of this identity are also all done very realistically, there won’t be any problems.”

“Good.” Charlie nodded and said, “In that case, then you should also go to New York and wait for me.”

After formulating this, Charlie looked at the time and said to Auntie Li and the three of them,

“Auntie, Fanny, Claudia, I have to go back to the United States first,”

“This side of Canada should be very safe for the next period of time, and there are Cataclysmic Front soldiers here to covertly protect,”

“You three just work and live normally, don’t worry about anything else.”

Auntie Li nodded and said, “Charlie, you should hurry back to accompany Claire,”

“She is a girl, by herself in a foreign country, she will definitely be a bit uncomfortable.”

Charlie nodded slightly and said, “When I have settled this matter completely,”

“I will arrange for someone to pick up the three of you to return to Aurous Hill,”

“By then I will arrange all the clothing, food, and accommodation there in advance.”

Xiaofen hurriedly reminded, “Brother, don’t forget about Claudia’s return to Aurous Hill to study ……”

Charlie smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I can’t forget.”

Afterward, Charlie said goodbye to Auntie Li, Xiaofen, and Claudia one by one and hurriedly went to the airport to take a plane back to Providence City.

Before taking off, he called Claire and asked her about her situation in Providence.

Claire said that she was all right, and then asked him with concern, “Honey, has the matter of Xiaofen been solved?”

Charlie laughed: “Solved, a few gangsters had a bad idea about Xiaofen,”

“One of Xiaofen’s friends asked me to come and help, I have solved all the problems, and she is not in any danger, don’t worry.”

Claire finally breathed a sigh of relief and said,

“It’s okay, it’s okay, I was worried last night and didn’t sleep well,”

“I wanted to call you to ask about the situation, but I was afraid of delaying you to do your business ……”

Charlie said: “It’s okay now, I’ve arrived at the airport, the plane will take off immediately, and is expected to land in four hours.”

Claire excitedly asked, “Really? That’s great!”

After saying that, she hurriedly asked, “Can Xiaofen’s side leave without worrying?”

“If it’s not possible, let’s invite them to come to America first!”

Charlie laughed: “All the problems here are solved, I also asked my clients to help me find some local connections,”

“So they can help take care of Fanny and Auntie Li, they will definitely be fine,”

“So I can also come back to accompany you with confidence and ease.”

Claire suddenly relaxed and said, “That’s great! Now it’s already more than five o’clock in the afternoon,”

“When you land, it’ll probably be more than nine o’clock, I’ll pick you up from the airport!”

Charlie said, “No, I’ve driven the car to the airport, how can you pick me up,”

“Just wait for me at the hotel, I’ll drive back as soon as I get off the plane.”

Claire then daintily said, “Then okay …… then I’ll wait for you back at the hotel ……”

After nearly four hours of flight, the plane Charlie took, was finally about to arrive at Green Airport in Providence.

When the plane’s altitude dropped below one thousand meters, Charlie’s cell phone searched for a cell phone signal,

Followed by a large string of text message alerts for WeChat and missed calls popped up in a flash.

He first checked the missed call alerts and found that the caller was Sara, and so was WeChat.

He thought she had something important to look for himself, so he hurriedly gave her a callback.

Once the phone call was made, Sara asked urgently on the other side:

“Charlie, what are you doing, I can’t reach you for so long!”

Charlie said casually: “I was just on the plane, just about to land, just got a signal, why? Is there something urgent for me?”

Sara said with a smile, “It’s nothing urgent, I just want to tell you that I have a new change in my North American tour plan.”

“New changes?” Charlie asked, “What exactly is it about?”

Sara laughed: “It’s just an adjustment of the number of venues and time sequencing.”

“The previous plan was to go to Canada first, and then go to the United States after the tour in several major Canadian cities.

Sara said, “By the way, now my first stop is in the United States in New York!”