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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4217 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4217 Start

Soon, Jesse, surrounded by several bodyguards, hurriedly boarded a car and prepared to travel from the funeral home to the airport,

And this movement was also discovered by the soldiers of the Cataclysmic Front.

After following him for some distance, the soldiers found that the car he was in was heading straight for the airport,

So the team leader who was leading immediately reported to Joseph,

“Supreme Commander, we found that Jesse is heading to the airport, should we stop them now?”

Joseph immediately reported the situation to Charlie and asked him to give an order.

But Charlie smiled faintly and said, “He came out of the funeral hall and went straight to the airport,”

“He must be scared and planning to run away, why don’t we let him go first and see where he is going and who he plans to meet!”

At this moment, Jesse was totally unaware that he had been exposed.

On the way to the airport, he also kept telling his assistant to make sure that,”

“The Italian gang’s family and the Seattle side of the aftermath are dealt with.

The assistant wrote it down and asked: “Young master, should we send someone to Vancouver to investigate the girls last night,”

“And see what their current situation is? Maybe the person behind the scenes has something to do with them.”

“No, don’t!” Jesse refused without thinking:

“The other party can kidnap more than 800 gang members in Vancouver, this strength,”

“If we still dare to go to Vancouver to investigate, is absolutely active to send death,”

“Probably they have already laid a net waiting for us, my current priority, is to avoid their fronts first, not to meet the difficulties.”

The assistant nodded gently and said respectfully, “Okay, Young Master.”

Jesse instructed again, “Starting today, stop all business in this area, we must keep a low profile so as not to create a problem outside.”

“Okay Young Master, I understand!” The assistant had to give up on the idea.

Half an hour later, Jesse took a private jet and hurriedly left Seattle for New York.

The intelligence officers of the Cataclysmic Front easily found out the registration numbers of several private planes under his name,

And then made inquiries about the real-time status of these planes.

Soon, they found that there was only one aircraft under Jesse’s name that was in flying status.

This Boeing BBJ business jet numbered 2674, had just taken off from Seattle,

And the real-time position, altitude, and speed could be seen on the radar map of Seattle’s publicly available airport.

Subsequently, they easily checked the route permit applied by this business jet and found that the plane’s destination was New York!

When the news came back to Charlie’s ears, he couldn’t help but smile and said,

“I thought this Jesse was going to run away to somewhere, but I didn’t expect it to be to New York ……”

“New York is only about two hundred kilometers from Providence, where my wife studies, the more this guy runs the closer he gets to me.”

Joseph busily said: “Mr. Wade, need subordinates to New York to deploy some more people, just in case?”

Charlie nodded and said, “Since we want to uproot Jesse and his family, we will definitely need a lot of manpower to cooperate.”

“Let’s do it this way, you will deploy some more people to New York today,”

“But make sure not to take a large group of people directly from the Middle East by plane,”

“That would be too easy to attract attention, it is best for everyone to leave the Middle East first,”

“Scattered around the world, and then each heads to New York,”

“Each looking for a hotel to settle down, ready to listen to the next instructions.”

Joseph immediately said respectfully, “Yes, Mr. Wade, I will deploy a thousand elites,”

“And have them arrive in New York one after another within the next three days as you ordered.”

“Good!” Charlie smiled faintly and said, “Choosing the battlefield in New York is really friendly to me,”

“It just so happens that I still have a month to play with them properly!”