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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4216 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4216 Start

Randal heard that Jesse intended to come to New York for a break,

Plus the matter of Sara haunted him, so he did not think twice and said,

“If you come to New York for a break, why not stay at my home, we two meet to have a good chat.”

The moment Jesse heard this, his heart was overjoyed.

What he had in mind was to borrow a few days at Randal’s home, the Fei family has a huge estate in New York,

Which is heavily secured, and staying there would definitely ensure safety.

However, this kind of request he can not take the initiative, after all, he to Randal, is a person who specializes in dirty work,

So he knows very well, most of the time, Randal in normal life, will keep a certain distance from himself.

The good thing is that Randal is now only thinking about fixing Sara, and when he heard that Jesse was coming to New York,

He naturally wanted him to stay in his house, and the two of them could discuss the matter properly.

So, Jesse said without thinking, “Okay, in that case, I’ll prepare and fly there directly!”

Randal was also very meaningful and spoke, “Tell me before you take off, I’ll have the housekeeper pick you up at the airport!”

“Okay, Young Master Fei, let you take the trouble!”

Jesse thanked him and hung up the phone, then he immediately called his assistant and instructed,

“Tell the crew to get ready, I’m going to New York.”

The assistant tentatively pointed to Alan’s corpse and asked him in a low voice,

“Young master, what about the third young master’s afterlife rituals if we go to New York now?”

Jesse instructed, “Put Alan’s corpse in the funeral home for the time being,”

“In addition to blocking the news, don’t let anyone know about him after I go to New York,”

“You go to appease the families of those crew members, say that the ship met with an accident,”

“People have disappeared, give them a pension directly to shut them up.”

The assistant asked again, “Young master, what about the master and wife’s side? Should we tell them?”

“For now, it’s better not to.” Jesse shook his head and said,

“They don’t know exactly what I’m doing, so try not to drag them down in this matter,”

“And keep Alan’s affairs a secret from them for the time being.”

“If they ask, just say that Alan asked me for a sum of money and took some girls to Paris for a vacation,”

“So that they don’t go overboard and don’t bother.”

Alan’s playful and pr0miscuous habits were known to his family.

He is known in Seattle as a pr0miscuous rich generation, changing girlfriends faster than changing clothes,

And all are in Seattle and even in the United States are famous netizens,

They take girls to go on vacation abroad which is also a common occurrence, parents can’t do anything, so simply they do not bother him.

It is because of this that Jesse is absolutely sure that if he tells his parents this, they will not suspect.

As for how long this lie can support, Jesse now also do not know, but he can no longer care so much,

The immediate priority is to get out of Seattle,

Otherwise, the person behind the killing of his brother comes to find the door, he is finished!

However, what Jesse didn’t know was that while he was still waiting for his brother’s body to be brought back from the sea,

A number of soldiers from the Cataclysmic Front had already arrived in Seattle from Canada,

As well as to the school where Claire was.

Using their intelligence network, they had already monitored both Jesse’s home and company,

And when they found out that he had rushed from his home to the funeral home, they followed quietly all the way.