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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4214 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4214 Start

So, Jesse said with a stiff upper lip: “Young Master Fei, Sara’s identity is very special ……”

“She is not only the most famous Chinese star but also the family assets are conservatively estimated to be more than 200 billion dollars,”

“If you move her …… This negative impact will not be too big to deal with?”

Randal asked rhetorically, “Isn’t there you? As long as you operate well,”

“By then the world will only know that Sara is missing, perhaps may have died,”

“But no one can know how she died, at most on the news headlines for a period of time,”

“After a while, the heat will be down, no one will pay attention.”

Jesse listened to it with a cold sweat, although he k!lled many girls,

But most of those girls came from ordinary families, and some even did not even had a home, and naturally, there was a little background.

Such a person disappeared, at most can be in a small local community to spark a little attention,

Even the municipal media news may not be on, for Jesse it is also much safer.

However, if Sara really disappeared, this news will definitely explode all over the world.

When the time comes, in case the investigation comes to his head, won’t it be a disaster?

Thinking of this, he hurriedly said: “Young master Fei, I say in my heart, you are also twenty-seven years old this year,”

“It is the marriageable age, if you really like this Sara, completely can pursue her, find a way to marry her……”

Randal said disdainfully, “Marrying her is not as easy as you think?”

“She has been claiming for years that she is looking for her prince charming, and she will not marry,”

“In this case, even if I pursue her, she is unlikely to agree to me, instead of this, I still bother to do this? Why not just kidnap her?”

“When I can have what I want why bother taking a long road. I’m not willing to give up a whole forest for a tree.”

Jesse stammered and said, “But …… but …… you still have to get married sooner or later ……”

Randal said off the cuff: “That’s a matter for later, later things to talk about later,”

“By the way, that island you are not developing? When the time comes, get her there, when you’ve had enough,”

“When we deal with h3r, the body burns in the incinerator, ashes scattered into the sea, who will find what happened to her?”

Jesse’s back has been repeatedly soaked with cold sweat,

The whole person’s nerves are a little numb, for a while do not know how to answer Randal’s words.

Randal at this time also noticed that Jesse has some ink to shirk, his voice immediately cold down, questioned:

“I said Jesse, you fcuking grumbling so much to ask what do you mean by that?”

“Do not want to do it for me, right?” If you don’t fcuking do it, then I’ll find someone else to do it!”

Jesse has an unknown enemy hiding in the shadows, how dare he offend Randal at this time,”

“After all, at this critical moment, Randal is his life-saving straw.

So, he hurriedly said, “No, no, young master Fei, since you asked, I will definitely find a way to help you do it.”

Saying that, he paused and added: “Just …… just I am afraid that it is hard to start all the way from China!”

Randal said off the cuff: “No need to go to China, she will soon come to North America on a tour!”

“Originally she was scheduled to tour Canada first, and then to the United States,”

“But I heard that her agency has temporarily changed the plan to play in the United States first,”

“And the first show is in New York! When the time comes, you just have to do it in New York!”

Jesse hurriedly asked, “Young Master Fei, has the New York tour been scheduled?”

“It’s set.” Randal said with a smile, “Ten more days!”

Saying that, he added: “When Sara comes to the United States, it is definitely impossible to bring many bodyguards from China,”

“The biggest possibility is to cooperate with a security company in the United States in advance,”

“And have the local security company provide personnel, vehicles, and other equipment to protect her closely;”

“When the time comes, you pay attention in advance to see her cooperation,”

“Which security company, and then get the list of specific security personnel, choose the most suitable as a breakthrough point,”

“First pull him down, and then inside and outside, find a suitable time to kidnapped,”

“As long as you do not leave any evidence, this matter will be done!”

Jesse said awkwardly, “Young Master Fei, to kidnap her from under the eyes of a whole security team,”

“It is very difficult ah, the slightest mistake will lead to a fail ……”

Randal laughed: “Difficult to reflect your value, these years I have helped you in business,”

“I have a higher say in the Fei family, can help you more, Jesse now is the time for you to repay me!”