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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4209 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4209 Start

Someone with sharp eyes saw the priests preparing to leave and immediately shouted out of the blue,

“Quick, stop the priests, we can’t let them get away!”

In front of money, kinship and faith are no longer worth mentioning.

Ryan, who was shot, was honored as the godfather, but this godfather, more like the image of that mafia in the movie

“The Godfather”, his meaning to the congregation, is more like a very authoritative and honored elder.

So, killing Ryan can only be considered treachery, and not a betrayal of faith.

However, to take the church priests into custody, that is a different matter.

These priests are all clergy and represent their faith.

However, the fact that they even controlled all the priests in order to keep them from going out,

And calling the police was already a complete condemnation of the faith.

At the same time, a group of young people have begun to prepare to deal with the scene of the shooting and Ryan’s body,

The good thing is they are all relatives of the mafia, doing this kind of thing lightly, so immediately someone has developed a good and perfect plan.

First of all, they want Ryan’s body, as well as the scene of all the blood, brain tissue cleaned up.

Secondly, they have to use strong acid to clean the place where the blood burst through,

While using strong acid to destroy Ryan’s fingerprints and face.

Immediately after that, someone has to pull all of Ryan’s teeth out.

Because someone said that Ryan had custom dentures at the dentist, so must have left a complete dental record at the dentist.

Dental records, this thing, in fact, just like fingerprints, each person’s teeth are unique,

In the field of forensics, to verify the identity characteristics of a person, they are the key.

The best outcome of this matter is that after the body is buried, it has never to be found.

But it does not matter if it is really found, all kinds of elements are destroyed, even if they are found, it is difficult to confirm his identity.

In this way, the secret can be well hidden.

So, after doing this, they have to carefully consider where they should bury the body.

All gang members know that killing is not difficult, burying the body is the real big question.

This is because, how well the body is buried, directly determines whether things will be revealed.

Buried badly, after the rain, the body may reveal itself.

Even if buried very well, a few years later in case of major construction,

Or even by those who are interested in finding, even if only a pile of white bones, will still become a criminal case, opened for investigation.

So, everyone for a time is worried about how to bury the body.

When everyone was at a loss, a middle-aged man stood up and blurted out,

“My mother died of illness, just buried yesterday, the cemetery soil is newly filled,”

“If you put Ryan into my mother’s coffin, and then refill the soil, restore the original, it will not arise anyone’s suspicion!”

The crowd lit up, and then a cheer went up!

Someone gave a thumbs up: “You’re a fcuking genius!”

Everyone felt that this idea was brilliant to the core.

But the one who proposed the idea spoke:

“Gentlemen, as you know, this kind of thing, is a great disrespect to my dead mother,”

“So I hope that everyone can look at this point and provide some spiritual compensation ……”

Speaking here, he was got busy explaining,

“Don’t worry everyone, I won’t be as lionish as Ryan, just give me five hundred dollars per family!”

Five hundred dollars.

That’s not much.

The people together quickly agreed to it.

So, godfather Ryan finally had his final home.