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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4208 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4208 Start

This statement triggered a cursing.

“Fcuk you old ba5tard, just you still want 10% of our compensation?!”

“Yes, we respect you and call you godfather, to tell you the truth,”

“You are a fcuking widowed old man, asking you to help is to give you face, you really think you are some real godfather?”

“If we didn’t think you were so pathetic with five dead sons, who would put this old thing like you in their eyes?”

“D@mn, this old man has such a dirty heart, no wonder none of his five sons are left! He really deserved it!”

When the godfather heard these insults, he shivered with anger and cursed through gritted teeth,

“If I had known that you were such ungrateful things, I should not have helped you fight for them!”

“I should have let you go to the police, and then you wouldn’t have gotten a penny of compensation!”

With that, the godfather suddenly remembered something and blurted out,

“Right! You ungrateful ba5tards, since you won’t accede to my request,”

“I won’t bother about this matter anymore, so you can go to your parents and ask for money yourselves!”

Then, the godfather struggled back to his wheelchair alone, and was ready to leave the church, rocking it alone.

A young man immediately jumped out and shouted angrily, “Ryan, you can leave, but leave your phone behind!”

“Yes!” The others immediately echoed, “You can get out, but the phone must be left here!”

Everyone knew that the godfather was relying on his cell phone to contact his superiors,

And the email address sent by his superiors was also on his cell phone.

Moreover, if they, the families, wanted to get compensation, they had to follow the superiors’ request to first count the list,

Then record the video, prove their identity with the missing members, and finally provide their bank account number and wait for the collection.

If the godfather left at this time, it would not delay everyone’s big plan to get rich?

While Ryan himself knows very well in his heart, the reason why he wants to put down,

Is to take this as a threat to force the gang to give up a little benefit to him,

If he really handed over the phone, then would he not have no chance at all?

So, he pressed the phone under his bottom and said angrily,

“Aren’t you guys capable? Then go and talk to them yourself! I am definitely not going to give you my phone!”

The young man immediately rushed forward and blocked him, saying with eyes wide open,

“If you don’t give me your phone, you’re not going to fcuking leave!”

“That’s right!”

Another wave of young men rushed up and surrounded the godfather, angrily chiding, “Hand over the phone!”

Seeing this, the godfather immediately shouted, “If any of you dares to touch me, I will immediately go to the police!”

All of a sudden, the crowd was instantly at a loss as to what to do.

The godfather saw that the crowd was full of scruples and could not help but sneer.

He knows very well that the police is their weakness.

As long as he goes to the police, they can not get a penny of compensation.

If he can’t get the money, then let them not get it either!

The big deal is to smash the pot, no one can eat!

So, he scolded the young men who were in front of him,

“Get out of my way! I’ll give you three hours to think about it,”

“And if you plan to accept my terms, you can come to me at the nursing home!”

After saying that, he swung his wheelchair and slowly marched outward.

Those young people did not dare to make a move for a while, and could only dodge away to the sides.

However, it was obvious to see that everyone’s expression was very angry.

The godfather didn’t care about this anymore, he just wanted to let go and give an account of the rest of his life.

Just at this moment, a crisp gunshot suddenly burst out from the church!


The godfather’s forehead instantly erupted with a red and white substance,

This followed by his head dropping instantly, and the whole person lost the signs of life immediately.

The crowd fixed their eyes and saw a young man standing behind the godfather, holding up a dark pistol in his hand.

The crowd realized that he was the one who fired from behind and killed the godfather with a single shot.

At this point, the young man blurted out: “What the fcuk are you looking at me for?”

“If this old thing really had called the police, everyone would have been finished!”

Only then did the crowd come back to their senses, and someone immediately shouted, “Quick, get his cell phone!”

Several priests, seeing that a murder had taken place in the church,

Could not help but shout ‘Virgin Mary’, while preparing to flee in unison.