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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4205 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4205 Start

At this time, Jesse’s assistant’s voice came over the phone, “Hello, my boss, after consideration, gave you a final offer of three million each,”

“And beyond that, not a penny more, you can think about it and then give me an……”

Before the words were finished, Ryan immediately roared into the phone, “Don’t fcuking come to me for deals!”

“I said, five million dollars, not a penny less!”

“My five sons are dead, you think I’m gonna put money in my pocket?”

“If you don’t answer me in three minutes, I’ll take the thousands of families to the police station and report the case!”

Jesse gave his assistant the script to end the conversation immediately after dumping the harsh words,

Leaving the other party to consider whether to accept his conditions.

But no one expected that the godfather instantly counteracted the system, and with one sentence, the situation was completely turned upside down.

When Jesse heard him say that there were several thousand family members at the scene, his heart was about to jump out of his throat.

Thousands of people ah!

This is to fcuking go to the police, or to the march?

Is this too much to ask?

While he was terrified, the godfather had already hung up the phone.

The godfather, fifty years of gang career, may not have let him really learn a skill, but at least the bluff, he has long been perfect.

Listen to the busy tone on the phone, Jesse paced back and forth in the room.

The revenge of his brother’s tragic death was still unknown,

And the bill of forty-one million was already in front of him, which made his mind completely explode and almost collapse.

The assistant couldn’t help but ask him, “Young master …… what do we do now ……”

“What to do ……” Jesse murmured with hollow eyes, shaking his head and muttering to himself,

“I don’t know what to do …… about Alan, I still don’t know how to tell my family,”

“And I don’t know how to solve this more than four billion in compensation even more ……”

The assistant thought about it and asked through clenched teeth, “How about adding some more to them?”

“Add?” Jesse asked rhetorically, “How much do you think is appropriate?”

The assistant considered for a moment and said, “I think we should add half a million more.”

Jesse shook his head and said decisively, “Impossible, I am willing to add half a million to settle the matter,”

“But the other party will definitely not agree, he has guessed my soft spot, he knows I can’t afford to gamble ……”

The assistant said, “Young master, I think they may not be able to afford to gamble,”

“They lost the backbone of the family, if they can not get the pension, then their future life is very difficult to protect!”

Jesse gritted his teeth and said, “You don’t understand, this matter,”

“On our side, the decision is in my hands alone, but, on their side, the decision is in the hands of thousands of people!”

“If one of these thousands of people is dissatisfied and goes to denounce this matter,”

“This nuclear bomb will be detonated! Even if everyone else is willing to accept it, it won’t help!”

Only then did the assistant suddenly realize.

Although the other party contacted via only one person, behind him was a group of several thousand people.

When he offered a condition on behalf of several thousand people, this condition must have been approved by everyone.

However, once this condition is compressed, these thousands of people, may not all be able to reach a consensus with him.

So, once something goes wrong, things will be completely out of control.

Thinking of this, he could only ask tentatively, “Young master, then …… then what do we do?”

“Should we promise them? They only gave us three minutes to think about it ……”

Jesse was already tortured by multiple powerful negative emotions at this time until he was about to explode.

He has had a smooth life and has never encountered such a predicament, and for a while, he did not know what to do.

However, time is passing minute by minute.

Seeing that there were less than thirty seconds left in the three-minute countdown,

Jesse clenched his fist to death and roared through clenched teeth, “Promise him!”

Although the assistant also felt a great deal of pain,

But at this moment also knew there was no other way, so immediately called the godfather.

The godfather, Ryan, was waiting with several thousand people, holding his breath for the phone to ring again.

The thousands of people gathered below had completely ignored the sadness,

And all of them were eagerly waiting for the other party’s reply.