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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4202 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4202 Start

The assistant hurriedly said,

“Young master, judging from the words carved on the third young master’s forehead, the murderer is probably Chinese!”

Jesse nodded with an incomparably gloomy expression and gritted his teeth,

“The other party is not only Chinese, he should also know quite a few of our secrets ……”

Speaking of which, Jesse immediately said,

“That’s right! Alan went yesterday to pick up the goods,”

“Ask for me about the Italians, what really happened last night!”

The assistant heard this and immediately said, “I’ll go and contact them!”

With that, he took out his phone and went out of the room.

Jesse also slightly slowed down a bit, said with gritted teeth:

“Alan, don’t worry, your brother will definitely find out who is behind this, and then whatever happened to you, a hundred times,”

“A thousand times revenge to him! If not for you to avenge this, your elder brother vowes I would not be a man!”

Soon, the assistant came back with a flustered face.

He came to Jesse’s front, swallowed nervously, and spoke,

“Young master …… situation …… situation is a bit strange ……”

Jesse asked in a cold voice: “What do you have to say it quickly! Don’t fcuking stammer!”

The assistant said in a panic: “I heard that the Italian group in Vancouver, more than eight hundred people all disappeared overnight,”

“And no one knows where they went, many of them, were taken away last night from homes under anesthesia,”

“Just like their means of kidnapping young women ……”


Just now also vowed to avenge his brother Jesse, heard this, the whole back of the man felt a cold!

More than eight hundred people all disappeared in one night?!

If this is also the work of the man behind the curtain who killed his brother,

Then the strength of the man behind the curtain is so strong that it is unimaginable!

Even if you send all your men to fight directly with these Italians,

You may not be able to wipe out more than 800 enemies, let alone let all 800 people vanish in one night!

Is this a fcuking human being?

Jesse wiped a handful of cold sweat on his forehead, incredulously blurted out:

“What can have such strong strength, more than 800 people disappeared overnight, did not leave any clues?

The assistant shook his head and said, “Now the relatives of this Italian group are gathering in the church,”

“Discussing solutions, more than eight hundred people dead or alive it is unknown,”

“the group was almost completely wiped out, only some old and weak women and children left ……”

Saying this the assistant said, “I heard one of their more prestigious old man say,”

“Now thousands of family members are very panicked and made a fuss to call the police it ……”

“Panicked?!” Jesse black eyes, without thinking loudly: “Absolutely never let them call the police!!!”

Jesse is very clear, more than eight hundred people disappeared overnight.

Once stabbed to the police, I’m afraid it will be the most appalling mass disappearance case since the founding of Canada.

Once the media caught the news, this matter will certainly be instantly on all the front pages of the world headlines.

In that case, under the attention of the world, the police would not be deemed capable of investigating this case.

The Canadian national security department will immediately take over and do their best to solve this big case.

It doesn’t matter if they can find out who’s behind it.

The important thing is that once they start a thorough investigation,

It is difficult to guarantee that they will not investigate his head.

In the public eye, in case the investigation includes him, then his unseen hooks are likely to be exposed to the sun.

In that case, not only he will be unlucky, but his VIP clients will be more unlucky.

At that time, these VIPs will definitely be stripped alive, in order to solve the hatred of the heart!

Thinking of this, Jesse could not care less about his brother’s tragic death, he said to his assistant in a panic:

“Quick! Quickly tell the gang that if there is no news of the missing 800 people within three days,”

“They will each receive a million dollars in pension, and if it is confirmed that they are dead,”

“An additional one million dollars, the only condition is not to report to the police!”

“Absolutely no police! Even if the police get the information to go to them to investigate,”

“They must say that people are not missing, but just went back home to Sicily!”