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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4201 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4201 Start

Loren busily said, “Young Master, the third young master he …… he ……”

Jesse shouted angrily: “He what! If you have something to say if you have a [email protected]!”

Loren plucked up courage and stammered, “Back to the eldest young master …… the third young master he ……”

“He …… his appearance …… is really …… too miserable …… you must be mentally prepared ……”

Jesse’s heart tightened, and only after a long time did he braced himself and said, “I’m ready, send it to me immediately!”

A minute later, Jesse’s satellite phone, received an MMS message.

Since the message was transmitted using the satellite, the speed was slow, so he only received a very blurry preview picture at first,

And only after the picture was all downloaded could he see a clear image.

But just seeing this preview picture, Jesse already could not stand it.

Because he could vaguely see his brother’s head, face, legs, there are blurred red pixel areas.

With his common sense, he deduced that these red blurred areas, should all be blood.

He couldn’t help but mentally build himself up desperately, hoping he would be prepared and not be shocked by the next high-definition picture.

But even though he has constantly given himself enough psychological construction,

When he really saw the moment of the high-definition picture, he was instantly shocked and trembling!

The phone almost uncontrollably fell from the trembling hands.

And his legs, because of the instant loss of support, the whole person immediately leaned backward.

The assistant and a few of his men hurriedly came forward to hold him up, only to prevent him from falling to the ground.

When the assistant and the men held him up, they found that his body had already shaken into chaff!

His cell phone, because it fell on the ground on the Afghan hand-woven top luxury wool carpet, so it was spared.

The assistant subconsciously glanced toward the phone,

And was instantly shocked by the picture on it, and exclaimed with panic in his mouth.

Can’t blame him, it’s just that the third young master in the picture, it’s just too miserable!

This assistant with Jesse for many years has seen all vicious and cruel things.

But only never seen, in a hundred billion family young master forehead with a knife carved words of the tragic situation.

This is the usually domineering, unbeatable Qiao family’s third young master!

Because of the young age, just early twenties, so very favored.

Even Jesse, the elder brother, doted on him.

But this is such an unbeatable second-generation ancestor.

Now he died so tragically!

This kind of strong impact on the mindset is great!

It’s like, you see a homeless man in the street looking through the garbage cans for food, usually not very shocked.

But what if this homeless man is a rich young master with great fame and family assets of over 100 billion dollars?

I’m afraid this matter will immediately become the world’s news headlines.

This is a strong contrast brought about by the huge impact.

At this time, Jesse is about to collapse, he could not control and cry loudly:

“This is not true …… this is not true! Alan could not have died so tragically!”

“That’s not him! That’s definitely not him!”

The assistant saw him almost collapse and quickly said nervously,

“Young master …… you must take care of your health, the third young master is still waiting for you to avenge him ……”

When Jesse heard this, he instantly froze in place.

A full half-minute later, he finally came back to his senses.

He hastily picked up his cell phone and stared at his tragically dead brother on the screen,

Gritting his teeth and saying, “Dare to abuse and kill my brother, when I find him,”

“I will make him taste all the most painful torture in this world, and then cut him into pieces! Avenge my brother!”