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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 420 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 420 Start

“Yeah, what’s the matter, so lively?”

When Manager Zeng heard this, his whole body was shocked. It was too late to hit Charlie. He turned to look over there and said eagerly, “Mr. Orvel, are you finished soaking? How do you feel?”

“It’s okay.” Orvel responded casually and asked curiously: “What are you doing?”

While speaking, Orvel brought a bunch of his little brothers and walked towards him.

Manager Zeng quickly explained: “A poor man hit Mr. Liu. I am about to avenge Mr. Liu. This kid is not very capable, but his bones are a bit hard.”

Liu Ming clutched his stomach, and shouted at Mr. Orvel, “Uncle, long time no see.”

Orvel glanced at him twice before smiling and said, “It turns out that it’s the little [email protected] of the Liu family, you are bad enough, can you still be beaten in Aurous Hill? It’s too shameful for you!”

Orvel has a good relationship with Liu Ming’s father, so Liu Ming is regarded as his half-elder nephew, and he speaks more directly, and he is completely elder.

Liu Ming didn’t dare to make a second in front of Orvel, so he had to say embarrassingly: “Uncle, isn’t this a poor man who is stunned, and I will let him know the cost of beating me later!”

Orvel snorted and said, “I really want to see, whoever is so courageous, even you dare to fight.”

Orvel walked to the neighborhood, and then pushed aside the security guards surrounded by layers and looked at the crowd.

Immediately afterwards, he saw Charlie with an indifferent expression.

Charlie looked at Orvel playfully, and asked, “Mr. Orvel, are you pretty nosy?”

Orvel immediately broke into a cold sweat!

He did not expect that the one surrounded by this group of people turned out to be Mr. Wade!

At this moment, he secretly rejoiced in his heart. Fortunately, he didn’t say anything excessive just now. Otherwise, if he accidentally angered Mr. Wade, wouldn’t he even have to follow him?

The last time Mr. Wade gave his favor and rewarded himself with a magical medicine, he was already loyal to Mr. Wade. He was his dog when he was born and his dead dog when he died. This time he almost didn’t have eyes and bit his master. It’s almost a disaster!

Orvel hurriedly bowed deeply and respectfully said, “Mr. Wade, I didn’t know it was you who came…”

The people around were suddenly speechless…

The famous Orvel is so respectful to a poor man? !

Isn’t this f*cking weird?

Charlie pointed his finger at the young man and asked faintly, “Do you know this kid?”

Mr. Orvel is not a fool, knowing that Liu Ming must have offended Mr. Wade. At this time, he could not care that he was a friend’s son. He immediately walked in front of Liu Ming and knocked Liu Ming to the ground with a fierce slap. Grab his hair and slam his head against the concrete floor!

With a boom, Liu Ming was smashed.

Liu Ming resisted the severe pain, and asked: “Uncle…you…what are you hitting me for?!”

Mr. Orvel glared at him, slammed directly on Liu Ming’s head again!

“Dare to provoke Mr. Wade, you’re so f*cking impatient!”