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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4199 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4199 Start

The Godfather’s angry roar made everyone feel a little upset.

People don’t quite understand why he is so sensitive to the matter of calling the police.

So, one woman cried and asked him, “Godfather …… at a time like this ……”

“What other good option do we have if not to call the police ……? “

The Godfather asked her back with a black face: “Hasn’t your husband ever told you not to seek police’s help?”

“Even if he dies? This is a basic principle that every member of the group knows!”

At these words, the woman was instantly a little dismayed and said softly,

“He did say something like that …… but …… but ……”

The Godfather said in a cold voice: “There is nothing but not yes,”

“You must know that gangs and the police have always been incompatible!”

“For gang matters, there is no point in calling the police!”

“The police in Vancouver have long blacklisted us, gang members,”

“Once a gang member is injured, killed, or missing, the police will not file a case!”

“We have long reached a tacit agreement with the police that matters between gangs are to be settled in the gang world,”

“So as you know, even if a member of our group is killed by another gang member while selling powder on the street,”

“We won’t call the police! We will only gather our brothers and attack back to avenge him,”

“And then take out a pension so that his wife and children can not worry about their future lives!”

Here, he looked around the crowd and asked in a cold voice:

“If your husbands, sons, brothers, have been killed at this time, do you want the police to do justice for you?”

“In that case, if the police catch the murderer, the most they can do is a life sentence!”

“But what is in our Sicilian tradition? It’s an eye for an eye, blood for blood!”

What he is saying is true. The police have formed a tacit agreement with the gangs not to interfere with each other,”

“As long as the gangs do not cause serious trouble, the police generally do not ask.

After all, in such places, gangs are numerous, if the police start to interfere with gang affairs.

It is the same as breaking the natural balance between the gangs, which will lead to other gangs having problems with the police.

But in the future, it is more difficult to coordinate.

This matter intervened, does it mean that all future matters should be intervened?

Also, gangs, among themselves, are very sick of people using the police to solve problems.

Because in their view, since everyone is a member of the gang, whether we have a grudge against each other or not.

They must be at odds with the police, and if anyone who has trouble runs to the police.

It will certainly spark anger in the gang circle and thus be permanently rejected by them.

Although Ryan has withdrawn from the world, but the death of his five sons have not been able to make him change his professional conduct

As a member of the gang, this time naturally more unlikely to break the principle.

So, he said in an unquestionable tone: “In this matter, we must have more patience, and wait!”

“Wait for them to come back, or wait for their superiors to appear!”

Everyone looked at him and wondered what he meant by this.

Godfather Ryan spoke: “We have more than 800 people missing in one breath this time,”

“If they really had an accident, they must have offended someone very big, with my understanding of the gang,”

“The vast majority of the group’s business, there is no chance of offending such a capable person,”

“So I seriously doubt that they have offended such a big person because they are working for the superiors.”

“Now, the upper family has not come out to give a statement, if we call the police now,”

“No one will pay a single penny of pension for your husbands, sons, brothers, and sisters!”

“But if we don’t call the police, the upper family about this matter will definitely give a satisfactory explanation!”

“Even if we can’t find the real culprit behind the scene, at least we won’t let your loved ones die for nothing! This point, you must understand!”