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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4198 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4198 Start

In the world of gangs, two kinds of people tend to have the most prestige.

One is a particularly powerful role, such as a person, who can alone move from the south to the north, from the east to the west,

One person against dozens of people face them all, standing. Such people in the world of gangs are a legend.

There is another kind, it is a particularly tragic role. Such as this person has been cut by the enemy countless times,

Including the family killed or wounded, only he is still with undead and yet strong.

This kind of person, by a lifetime of tragic fate, but also can become a legend.

This old godfather was the latter.

He originally had five sons, which made him very proud for a while.

Because, in the traditional Italian gang concept, the son, is the only choice to inherit their mantle and pass on their Sicilian fighting spirit.

Therefore, in this group, the preference for sons is the eternal guiding principle.

In this gang, without a son, when you go out, you are embarrassed to say hello to people.

Those who do not have sons, see others with sons out hacking, drug trafficking, collecting protection money, they only feel inferior and ashamed.

Therefore, every gang member is proud to have a son.

If anyone can give birth to several sons, it is really able to walk with the nose up towards the sky.

The old godfather had five sons and all were born in succession, so he did not know how many people envied back then.

Moreover, these five sons, four had inherited his mantle,

They joined the gang, the fifth son was still young, did not have time to join.

Originally, his life was very promising, the four sons in the gang, not only the more courageous,

But also more opportunities to move up in the future, maybe one of them would become a small leader in the near future.

But his four sons were too backward, during a gang fight, his four sons and a group of other associates,

They drove seven or eight cars to the Russian gang territory, the Russians were taken by surprise.

However, on their way back from a big victory, the Russians took a shortcut to stop them and took them by surprise.

As a result, only the car driven by his four sons did not escape.

The four sons were then shot by the Russian gang.

The old godfather was naturally devastated afterward, but what made him even more devastated was that not long after,

Their community was retaliated by the Russian gangs, and his wife and youngest son were also killed in the conflict.

Since then, he has been the gang’s most tragic totem.

In a sense, their family is full of loyalty in the eyes of the other gang members!

So, these Italian group members privately gave him a nickname, respectfully called him “Godfather Ryan”.

The godfather is not originally named Ryan, the reason for calling him so, is to correspond to the classic American war movie “Saving Private Ryan”.

In the movie, the four brothers of the Ryan family joined the army, sacrificed three, the U.S. government decided to save the last Ryan back no matter what.

In reality, all five of the godfather’s sons died, so in the eyes of the members of the Italian gang, he was even greater than Ryan.

That’s why everyone gave him such a nickname.

At this moment, the old godfather was sitting in a wheelchair and was pushed to the church,

And when everyone saw him, they all stood up and paid tribute to him.

Then, someone said with tears in his voice:

“Godfather, the whole group of more than 800 people disappeared overnight, you must guide us in this matter!”

Someone immediately got up and said, “Yes, Godfather! Look at all the helpless old people, women, and children here, please help them!”

The old godfather trembled and spoke, “I …… have served in the group for many years ……”

“I have never encountered such a bizarre thing …… is it true that everyone has disappeared?”

“Yes ……” someone cried, “We counted, anyone who was in Vancouver, no one is left ……”

“Oh holy moly ……” said the old godfather shivering,

“I …… I really can’t think of any gang in Vancouver that has such strength ……”

Someone couldn’t help but say, “Godfather, I’m afraid my son will meet with misfortune, why don’t we call the police ……”

“This matter, I’m afraid only the police can find out the truth and give us an explanation!”

“Bulls5hit!” The old godfather almost stood up in anger, righteous anger shouted:

“Death of my five sons, I have not reported to the police, your son just missing one night, you can not wait to call the police?”

“Do you know what is the most taboo thing for gangs all over the world? That is to call the police!”