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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4197 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4197 Start

Jesse nodded with clenched teeth and said in a cold voice:

“This matter should be strictly blocked from the news, do not let my parents know, for the time being, understand?”

“Yes, young master, I understand!”

Meanwhile, Canada, Vancouver.

A significant portion of the Italian families in this city was in a state of extreme fear.

Because they found that their family members had disappeared overnight.

Some had husbands missing from their homes.

Some had children missing from their homes.

Some had husbands and children, or even several brothers, missing from their homes.

At first, people did not feel too alarmed, because they are very clear,

Their own family members, engaged in the unseen occupation,

They often do not return home at night, they have long been used to it.

However, when these families began to interchange among themselves, it was like opening the Pandora’s Box of fear ……

The disappearance of a person from their own family, or a few people, may be understood as something they are busy with.

However, when all the families around you have people missing, the matter becomes extremely bizarre.

Many families recalled last night, have said that their families had already gone to bed,

But suddenly received a call from their accomplices,

As if to say that the boss had something to ask them to go to the pier,

So everyone left their homes and went to the pier.

Then subsequently, the people disappeared.

What is even more frightening is that even the boss of the group,

Who was so looking for them to go to the pier, is all equally unaccounted for?

And his wife, too, knew nothing about his whereabouts.

So, these old people, women, and children began to gather together and collect useful information everywhere.

The first news that came back was that the casino, which was supposed to stay open until morning, was empty of all men.

Only female staff members were left in the casino, and these female staff members were completely unconscious.

People brought in doctors and forcibly woke them up by injecting them with drugs,

After which the women all said that they had no recollection of what had happened.

They then found the homes of some of these members and discovered that,

Surprisingly, they had been kidnapped while resting in their homes.

Their families, like the female staff in the bar, were all under anesthesia and had no memory of what had happened last night.

This instantly triggered a great panic!

You know, this night, there are more than 800 adult males missing!

Moreover, they were mafia members who were usually full of fighting power!

In theory, only they let others disappear when others can let them disappear?

And more than eight hundred people disappeared together!

So, the families, who didn’t know what to do, swarmed into the church of the Italian community for a rally.

While the families were crying in the church, not knowing what to do,

The priests of Italian descent, with a Bible in one hand and a crucifix in the other,

All kept praying for the missing 800 people and even kept comforting the emotionally broken families one by one.

Then, an elderly priest was invited from the nursing home.

At this extraordinary time, everyone coincidentally thought of him, hoping that he would come out and preside over the situation.

This old priest, who had served in this gang for more than fifty years, had not been the top leader,

But because several of his wife and children died in revenge by his enemies back then,

He was regarded as a spiritual totem by the gang members and his reputation was extraordinary.