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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4194 Free Novel

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Speaking of which, Auntie Li could not help but sigh and lamented,

“In fact, the entire orphanage had been kept in the dark not only you, I was the same,”

“All the staff of the orphanage that year, only I was the only one who was recruited,”

“The others, without exception, were all arranged by Mr. Leon, and most of them were your father’s old acquaintances ……”

Charlie heard this, could not help but sigh, said:

“So it is so …… Auntie, thank you! For taking care of me for so many years, I gave you and Elder Leon trouble!”

Auntie Li hurriedly waved her hand and said, “Don’t say that, I took care of you, that’s my job and duty,”

“It’s the right thing to do, and after I got sick, if it wasn’t for you and Mr. Leon,”

“How could I have had the opportunity to go to Eastcliff to receive the best treatment ……”

“Moreover, people with uremia are transplanted with one kidney, I was transplanted two, the one who should thank, in fact, is me!”

Charlie remembered something, then said: “Auntie, let me take your pulse! Let’s see how your body is really doing now.”

Xiaofen at the side was surprised and asked, “Brother …… when did you learn to take a pulse?”

Charlie laughed: “I know a lot of things, so I can’t report to you one by one.”

Aunt Li When when she was in Aurous Hill, she had vaguely heard that Charlie had some ability.

And there were even people who called him Master Wade, so she didn’t doubt it and passed her hand to Charlie.

Charlie gently put his finger on her pulse, transferred a little spiritual energy into her vein,

Then he perceived that Auntie Li’s overall body condition has been the same as a healthy person’s,

The two kidneys are also in very good condition.

However, under the perception of the spiritual energy, he could feel some subtle rejection between the body and the two kidneys,

It seems that this is the rejection phenomenon of the transplanted organs,

But this rejection is very mild, it should be the anti-rejection medicine working.

Charlie wanted to give her a rejuvenation pill, but, on second thought, it would be somewhat abrupt to take out the rejuvenation pill now.

And moreover, the potency of the rejuvenation pill would be so strong that it would give Auntie Li and others a bigger shock.

Moreover, for people like Auntie Li, who never knew about the rejuvenation pill, this shock will take her a long time to digest.

What’s more, Auntie Li’s overall health is relatively healthy now.

Unlike when Philip who was terminally ill, so there is no need to rush to use a strong medicine.

In addition, Charlie did not want to take out the Rejuvenation Pill,

And make Auntie Li feel that she owed him a huge favor, so he planned to use a method that was silent.

So, he temporarily transferred more spiritual qi into her body first, letting the spiritual qi fill up her organs.

Ordinary people do not have an aura, nor have they mastered the cultivation method,

So their natural absorption of the aura is very weak,

This aura in Auntie Li’s body will be able to play a good slow-release effect,

It will continue to protect and nourish her body, and at least will have three to five years of effectiveness.

In these three to five years, Auntie Li’s physical condition will get better and better,

And she will get younger and younger, and the overall efficacy of the medicine is actually not worse than the rejuvenation pills.

But in this way, it is the same as rejuvenation pill originally in five minutes will release the drug effect,

But with this, the release is delayed to three or five years time.

This way, whether the person or other people around, will not have a too obvious feeling.

Only feel that the person seems to live more and more young.

After all this, Charlie smiled slightly and said: “Auntie, your body has recovered very well indeed,”

“But I have a suggestion, there is no need to take the anti-rejection drugs in the future,”

“Your body is different from other people’s bodies, your body is very well matched with the transplanted kidney,”

“If you take anti-rejection drugs for a long time instead, it will have long-term effects on your body,”

“So, I suggest you start from tonight first stop the medicine,”

“Observe if your body feels better after stopping the medicine, if yes, then stop it completely.”

Aunt Li was convinced of Charlie’s words and said without hesitation,

“Okay! Then, starting tonight, stop the medicine and try it!”

Charlie smiled faintly and gently nodded his head.

The slow-release effect of the aura has already started, but it’s only for a short time,

Auntie Li won’t feel anything obvious, but if she sleeps, that feeling will definitely be much more obvious.

That’s why Charlie deliberately let her stop the medicine,”

“So that she mistakenly thinks that her body has become better because of stopping the medicine.

As for the original rejection of the kidneys and body.

Under the effect of the aura, it will completely disappear, so naturally, this medicine would no longer need to be taken.

In this way, Charlie believes that Aunt Li will not give credit to him for her better and better body in the future,

And this will not make her feel too much indebted to him, a multi-benefit!

After doing this, Charlie suddenly found that the eighteen-year-old Claudia, standing alone with a somewhat downcast expression.

He then opened his mouth and said to her: “Claudia, when the time comes, you can also come along to Aurous Hill!”