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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4193 Free Novel

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However, Aunt Li did not think twice at this time and quickly waved her hand and said,

“No, no, no. …… Mr. Leon did a lot to settle us to Canada,”

“He spent a lot of money, how can we give you more trouble ……”

Charlie said: “Auntie, how can this be considered trouble!”

“Like I just said, although Canada’s environment and climate is very good, but there are indeed many hidden dangers,”

“This time I happen to be in the United States, not far away,”

“In case I was in the country, temporarily wanting to fly to Canada,”

“I’m afraid it will take several hours or even longer, or to pick you and Fanny back I am more at ease.”

Saying that Charlie remembered that he donated to build a large orphanage, and hurriedly said,

“By the way, Auntie, there is something else I forgot to report to you.”

“I was going to donate for a large orphanage in Aurous Hill the other day,”

“And it is a comprehensive orphanage that includes preschool education and twelve years of consistent education, the children can live and study in this orphanage;”

“This comprehensive orphanage is very large, at least can accommodate tens of thousands of orphans,”

“We will soon begin to choose the site to build, if you are willing, I would like to ask you to serve as director!”

Charlie’s words startled Auntie Li.

She said in surprise, “Charlie, you …… are you telling the truth?!”

“A large orphanage for 10,000 people, this …… this will need you to invest a lot, lot of money, right?!”

Charlie smiled faintly and said seriously: “Auntie, I myself am also considered half-orphans,”

“Living and growing up together with the little ones who were also fatherless poor children, now I have some ability,”

“So I should also do what I can for the orphan group, as for the money, it does not matter.”

Saying this Charlie lightly sighed, and said: “In fact, the earliest time to consider this matter,”

“I thought of asking you to go back to be the director, but once I thought you have retired,”

“And settled in Canada, it is easy to adapt to the environment here, if I ask you to go back to work, it is also really intolerable ……”

Speaking of this, he added: “However, now I have seen the situation here, in terms of security issues there is indeed still some risk,”

“So I still hope that you can return to settle in China, by the way, can also help me to do up the orphanage.”

Hearing this, Auntie Li said in an excited mood, “Good! Great! Charlie, auntie is willing to go back!”

On the side when Xiaofen heard this, the mood is extraordinarily excited,

She is happy, she suddenly remembered something, and hurriedly said to Charlie:

“Brother, Auntie Li and I are willing to return to China, but the dean’s matter, I’m afraid that Auntie Li’s body can not cope with it,”

“After her kidney transplant, although her body has recovered, but still needs to take anti-rejection drugs regularly,”

“The doctor also explained, she must pay attention to maintenance, there can not be too much work ……”

Hearing this, Charlie could not help but ask in surprise: “Auntie, you …… you were really sick at first?”

Charlie remembered that when he first got details from Sara about himself, he had specifically gone to Auntie Li for confirmation.

At that time, she told him that she had actually been obeying Leon’s orders to take care of him in the orphanage.

And that even being sick was a deliberate act of a bitter trick.

At that time, Auntie Li’s body had already recovered, so Charlie did not find anything unusual.

Now listen to Xiaofen said she is having long-term anti-rejection drugs, immediately could not help but ask out.

Auntie Li also said with some shame: “Charlie …… at that time you came to the orphanage to find me,”

“Mr. Leon specially explained what I should say, I knew the truth of the matter of time,”

“Probably just a few minutes earlier than you, the reason why Mr. Leon wanted me to tell you those things,”

“This was to stimulate your desire to avenge your parents so that you could return to Eastcliff ……”