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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4192 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4192 Start

At this point, Charlie looked at Claudia at the side and instructed, “Claudia, your ability to handle things is more mature than Fanny’s,”

“So you should help her get more ideas to get around in the future.”


Claudia was busy saying respectfully, “Okay Brother Charlie, I know ……”

“You don’t worry, if needed, I will try to help Sister Fanny think it through.”

Charlie nodded and added: “You said before that you want to go back to school again,”

“I think the time is almost ripe now, if there is anything you need help with, just let me know.”

Claudia hurriedly shook her head and said, “Don’t bother brother Charlie,”

“I kept my school registration at the original high school, I can go back to class anytime.”

Charlie nodded slightly, instructed:

“I see you should be worry-free, now Grover is dead, the whole Italian gang will not give you any trouble in the future,”

“So if you are bullied in school in the future, no need to put up with it, directly bully back,”

“If there is a trouble that can not be solved, there is also Cataclysmic Front to help you back up.”

“I know brother Charlie …… thank you ……”

Claudia’s eyes were red and she gently nodded her head, bean-sized tears kept dripping down with the nod.

Charlie turned to look at Joseph and opened his mouth to ask:

“Joseph, if this sister of mine encounters any trouble at school that can’t be solved, you must step in time.”

Without thinking, Joseph said, “Don’t worry Mr. Wade, your subordinates will arrange everything and immediately send more people to Canada.”

“Good!” Charlie nodded with satisfaction.

And after glancing at the skyline which was already glowing with a fish-belly white with a red haze, he spoke,

“It’s getting bright, let’s go back.”


At this time, Aunt Li is waiting anxiously at home.

It was only when Charlie returned with Xiaofen and Claudia, and only when she saw that both girls were intact, that she was relieved.

She hurriedly asked Charlie: “Charlie …… this …… this is what is going on huh?”

“The people who tried to kidnap Fanny last night, what kind of people are they?”

Charlie hurriedly told Auntie Li the causes and consequences of the incident.

But he did not describe the incident where he led the soldiers of the Cataclysmic Front to go on a killing spree at sea.

After hearing this, Auntie Li was so scared that her face turned pale and said offhand:

“Now in this world, how can there be such evil people ……”

Charlie said lightly: “Auntie, even in the most glamorous places, there are also the dark sides that are unseen,”

“Especially things like racial chaos, gangs, the proliferation of guns, high crime rate are somethings that cannot go to zero.”

“This Vancouver seems to be very livable, but the security aspect is still far worse than at home.”

“Indeed ……” Auntie Li sighed and looked at Xiaofen, said with a fearful face,

“Charlie, thanks to you coming, otherwise Xiaofen, I am afraid that now ……”

Saying that Aunt Li got a little emotional, tears can not help but come out of her eyes.

Charlie spoke at this time: “Auntie, why don’t we wait for this matter to pass, you and Xiaofen should go back home,”

“I’ll have someone buy a house for you and Xiaofen in Aurous Hill,”

“And if Xiaofen still wants to do business, I’ll invest in Aurous Hill for her.”

Hearing this, Xiaofen’s expression instantly surged with a hint of surprise.

She was eager to go back, other than that, after going back, at least she could see Charlie often.

Unlike in Canada, if not for the danger she encountered this time, it would have been difficult to see Charlie.