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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4191 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4191 Start

The freighter Charlie was on, slowly sailed into the Vancouver port before the dawn broke.

At the same time, the freighter that Charlie had newly bought, had also made all the preparations before setting sail.

Even the cars driven over by the members of the Italian gang were driven onto the deck.

One after another by the soldiers of the Cataclysmic Front, intending to take them away together.

After Charlie docked, the Italian gang members on the ship, as well as that Felix,

They were all transferred to the cargo ship that was about to leave the port.

Joseph assigned half of his soldiers to this freighter, and immediately afterward,

The freighter turned on its full power and sailed away from the Vancouver port, heading for the Middle East.

More than eight hundred men most of them from the beautiful Sicily, wearing tweed coats, holding cigars, and carrying machine guns,

Finally embarked on a new journey of life forced to work in the Middle East.

At the moment of sailing, more than 800 people formed a big circle in the cargo hold and cried,

The sound of crying echoed in the large cargo hold, the atmosphere was tragic.

They did not know, this trip to Syria, in the end, when will they be able to return, after all, life has been a gray zone for them.

Most of them are regretting, regretting that they are young, have hands and feet, and could have lived without working for the mafia.

However, now regret has no meaning because Charlie is not prepared to leave any room for them to regret.

After seeing the freighter sail away, Joseph asked Charlie: “Mr. Wade, what about the girls who are still in a coma?”

Charlie pondered for a moment and said, “Later, you can have someone find a safe place to put them temporarily,”

“And after we evacuate, call the emergency number and have the ambulance take them away,”

“The hospital will contact their families at that time.”

“Okay, Master!” Joseph immediately arranged to go down, and the soldiers of the Cataclysmic Front then temporarily took them to a safe area for resettlement.

Joseph remembered something and said to Charlie: “Mr. Wade, Miss Li’s situation is also special, she is a key person wanted by the Qiao family,”

“I am worried that the Qiao family will not let her go easily,”

“Moreover, this time we almost wiped out Alan and his men,”

“The Qiao family will definitely investigate this line thoroughly, how do you think we should handle this?”

Charlie coldly said: “Qiao family this time has got heavy losses, and the entire Italian gang of more than eight hundred people are missing,”

“This matter after the dawn will certainly cause an uproar, they can not investigate the head of the Cataclysmic Front,”

“But also will certainly realize that the person who made all this, the strength is not trivial;”

“At that time, all the Vancouver gangs, or people who want to do things in Vancouver,”

“They will definitely have to weigh in advance to see whether they have the ability to get past the person who started it all.”

“Moreover, when the Qiao family finds the bodies of Alan’s gang,”

“The first thing that comes to mind is definitely not to seek revenge, but to panic that their tracks have been compromised;”

“So I bet, the Qiao family on the one hand will be afraid of not being able to play us,”

“On the other hand will be afraid of things being exposed, so I believe that in order not to get into trouble,”

“They will definitely not dare to come to Vancouver for a while,”

“On the contrary, they will also think of every way to clear their relationship with Vancouver.”

As for the local gangs here, it is estimated that from this morning, they will not dare to cross the line, so Fanny is safe for the time being.”

Then, Charlie looked at Xiaofen beside him and said, “Xiaofen, you should not leave Vancouver for the time being,”

“Because staying in Vancouver is the safest for you, once you leave the city,”

“The manipulator behind this matter will definitely find you at the first time.”

Xiaofen said without thinking, “Okay brother, you want me to stay, then I will stay!”

Charlie nodded and said comfortingly,

“You don’t have to worry too much, the Cataclysmic Front will leave a group of elites to protect your safety 24 hours a day,”

“And then I will also ask Joseph to mobilize more manpower to Canada to ensure the safety of all of you,”

“So you and Claudia, and Auntie Li, still stay in Vancouver for the time being and continue to live normally according to the usual routine.”

Originally, Charlie had also considered letting Xiaofen go back to her country for a while to avoid the storm.

But after careful analysis, he felt that for her, Vancouver was the safest place to be right now.