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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4190 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4190 Start

Charlie nodded and said, “The Qiao family is special, although they are full of evil,”

“But in fact, they are just a supply chain of evil, like a dark river, constantly providing water to those evil beasts downstream,”

“So we must not only figure out the scale and flow of this dark river,”

“But also figure out how many beasts downstream are drawing water from this dark river,”

“The energy involved behind this may be more than all our energy combined.”

“Come out to be even bigger, so you must be careful and focus on the investigation first, don’t act rashly.”

Joseph said without hesitation, “Okay Mr. Wade, your subordinate understands!”

Immediately after that, Joseph hesitated for a moment and plucked up the courage to say to Charlie:

“Mr. Wade, the subordinate …… subordinate has a matter to ask you for advice ……”

Charlie glanced at him and said indifferently, “You want to ask how I sank Alan’s yacht, right?”

“Yes……” Joseph nodded and said with an arching hand, “Mr. Wade, your subordinate is wondering,”

“Is it possible that at the end of the martial path, one can enter your kind of realm?”

Charlie smiled faintly and shook his head, “Joseph, strictly speaking, I am not a martial artist.”

Joseph was instantly appalled and muttered, “You are not a martial artist, could it be that ……”

“Could it be that the power system you cultivate is one step higher than the martial arts?”

“You can say that.” Charlie laughed: “Compared to the martial arts, the path I take is indeed wider and broader.”

Hearing this, Joseph nodded with a shocked expression.

Just now, Charlie’s use of the Soul Piercing Blade to destroy the opponent’s yacht had indeed overturned his perception of power.

With this kind of killing power, even if he were to directly ignore the distance and directly attack the yacht with his two fists,”

“It would simply be impossible to completely destroy or even completely pierce the entire stern of the large luxury yacht with a single blow.

You know that is several layers of thickened steel plate, even with a rocket, it is impossible to do so much killing power.

At least, it must be a light torpedo or light cruise missile to do the job.

Moreover, torpedoes and cruise missiles are dependent on the destructive power generated by chemical explosions, not rely on pure force.

If completely with the force to pierce, the force required is extremely high.

I’m afraid, that force, has far exceeded the limits of the human body to carry.

Even if Joseph’s body can send such a powerful force, his body simply can not withstand it.

Therefore, that kind of killing power, Joseph simply did not even dare to think about it.

However, just now, Charlie had easily shown such a powerful killing power.

And what was even more frightening was that such a lethal means of attack could be released from a distance, which was simply unheard of.

At this moment, Joseph’s heart was full of yearning for this higher power system of Charlie.

However, he knew very well in his heart that he was not qualified to ask Charlie to teach him this power system.

So he could only suppress this yearning from the bottom of his heart.

Charlie naturally also understood what was in Joseph’s mind.

For a martial artist like Joseph, power and strength were the greatest pursuits in his heart.

Seeing the tremendous killing power that he could produce by combining his aura with a magic weapon, he would definitely yearn for it.

But Charlie also knew very well that aura was his biggest secret and dependence, something that could never be easily passed on to anyone.

Therefore, he said to Joseph, “Joseph, you have not yet broken through the dark realm in the martial path,”

“So you do not know what kind of new world is thereafter cultivating to the peak in the martial path,”

“So it is better not to be distracted for the time being, and it is the right way to fully break through your cultivation in the martial path.”

Joseph nodded gently.

He also felt that his own creation in the martial path was not enough,

And who knew, what kind of height could he reach if he continued to cultivate in the martial path.

Thus, he clasped his hands and said with respect and a bit of shame,

“What Mr. Wade said is extremely true, the subordinate has been taught!”

Charlie nodded slightly and spoke, “I promised before that I would help you raise your cultivation level and enter the Dark Realm,”

“When I finish solving these matters of the Qiao family, I will honor my promise!”