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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4181 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4181 Start

A powerful force that swept across the sea without a sound.

A second later, they could hear that from the yacht stern suddenly came a loud boom!

Immediately after, the stern of the power system was instantly detonated,

A large wave of fire, along with the shattered propellers and power system parts rose into the sky!

They were preparing to accelerate the evacuation of the yacht, but instantly lost all the power, and stopped at once.

At this moment, everyone was dumbfounded.

Before this, Joseph had always presumed that Charlie was a Dark Realm expert,

But seeing that he could easily launch an invisible attack and knock a hole through the other yacht,

He immediately realized that Charlie’s strength was probably far above the Dark Realm!

Thinking about this, Joseph felt more and more that his move to kill the Wade family all back then was really a ridiculous thought.

At this moment, the people on the yacht were already stunned by the explosion just now.

A young man’s voice came over the intercom: “What happened? What is this explosion just now? Why isn’t the boat moving?”

Another urgent voice of the pilot came over the intercom,

“Young master! Our ship has lost all power! It feels like the engine has been blown up!”

The young man exclaimed, “D*mn it, how could this happen? Are we under attack?”

The team leader on deck was busy saying, “Young master, if the explosion just now was caused by an external force,”

“It would have to be at least a weapon like a Bazooka or RPG to be possible, but I didn’t see anything attacking us.”

The team leader, who had served in the military for many years, was extremely experienced in combat.

And according to his professional knowledge, in the explosion just now, the power had exceeded that of a normal large-caliber anti-material rifle,

And it had to be a weapon at the level of a rocket-propelled grenade to be possible.

However, in the darkness of the sea, if the other party used a rocket launcher,

It would be like setting off a big firework, the noise must have been also very loud, it was not impossible not to find out.

But just before the explosion occurred, his eyes have been watching the suspicious cargo ship,

And did not find the other party to use weapons to attack their yacht.

When he was amazed, he changed his feeling, the whole ship’s stern seems to have suddenly sunk a little bit, and the bow of the ship is also at a very small angle.

This subtle change made his heart in a sudden shock, he guessed that was the reason for the stern sinking.

It must be because of the explosion, resulting in the cabin separating from the stern into the water!

Moreover, the water ingress must have been so serious that it caused the stern to start sinking slightly.

If the water intake continues to develop, the stern will gradually sink into the water,

While the bow will warp higher and higher, and finally the whole ship will sink ninety degrees vertically to the bottom!

At this moment, the mechanic inside the cabin suddenly shouted over the intercom,

“No good! A big hole has been blown in the stern of the ship, and seawater has already rushed in!”

The team leader’s face changed and he shouted,

“Everyone put on life jackets and leave the cabin immediately!”

“Armed personnel immediately ready for battle! Hurry to launch the lifeboat and prepare to abandon the ship!”

When these words came out, dozens of people on the whole ship panicked to the extreme!

Although most of them were well-trained bodyguards,

They had never encountered such a dangerous situation before, and many of them were in a state of confusion.

More than twenty armed men rushed onto the deck holding assault rifles,

And this group of people was staring nervously at the approaching freighter, ready to fire at any time.

From the intercom the young man’s angry voice came over the machine:

“What did you say? Abandon the ship?”

“How are we going to get back to Seattle after we abandon the ship?”