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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4180 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4180 Start

An eight-star martial artist like Joseph could even pierce the armor if his internal force converged on his two fists.

But no matter how much internal force he used, he could not void it from a distance of ten centimeters away to break a glass.

And Charlie’s soul piercing blade just now, for Joseph, it is totally shocking.

He is simply a frog at the bottom of the well and suddenly saw a bigger world, and it instantly overturned his perception of strength.

At this time, the drone is speeding up, from the yacht, a man in black hands holding the remote control,

Eyes on the drone ready to fly it to the deck of the cargo ship.

However, suddenly, the drone flying in the air instantly burst out a fire,

And the whole picture transmission screen also instantly turned in to black.

The man in black was startled and exclaimed, “The drone blew up!”

Another man came forward, frowned, and asked, “What happened?”

The man in black said, “Team leader, the drone blew up just as it lifted off!”

“It blew up?” The team leader was instantly alerted and asked out of the blue, “How could it blow up? Are we under attack?”

“I don’t think so.” The man in black explained,

“In the middle of the night, nothing can hit such a small drone with a single shot from such a distance,”

“Even the king of the gun in the army has no chance.”

Saying that he added: “I feel that it should be a problem with the lithium battery,”

“Probably a bulge or defect in the battery, I just manipulated the drone to accelerate, maybe it released too much current, so it blew up.”

Hearing this, the team leader instantly relaxed a bit and asked, “Is there an alternate? Put another one.”

“Yes.” The man in black nodded and then opened another black engineering plastic box at his feet, which also held a white drone.

He hurriedly checked the body of the drone, focusing on the battery in his hand to take a closer look,

He found that the battery did not have any broken, bulging bags, and the power indicator is also in a fully charged state, then he immediately switched this drone for the lift-off.

However, this drone just flew up, it once again repeated the same mistake.

The lithium battery was shattered by Charlie’s soul piercing blade, and quickly caught fire and exploded in the air, turning into a fireball that fell directly into the sea.

Seeing this, the team leader hurriedly questioned:

“What is this again? Is there a problem with the lithium battery again?”

The man in black is also a bit puzzled, frowned, and said,

“It should not, this time I checked the battery, there was no problem ……”

The group leader was instantly alerted and said offhandedly,

“Everyone pay attention to cover, there is likely to be a sniper!”

The words just fell, the crowd on the deck have bent down to find cover.

At this time, someone suddenly shouted, “Vancouver 003 seems to be approaching us!”

The crowd hurriedly looked toward the lighted freighter on the sea, and when they did.

They found that the distance between the freighter and themselves seemed to have closed considerably.

The team leader picked up the communicator with a vigilant face and said in a cold voice:

“Vancouver 003, Vancouver 003, please stop approaching us immediately,”

“And maintain at least one nautical mile distance from us, otherwise we will terminate the handover!”

Charlie stood on the bow deck and shouted to Joseph at the door of the bridge, “Full speed ahead!”

Joseph got the order and immediately rushed to the control console and pulled the engine throttle pusher to the bottom with one hand!

The freighter, which was moving slowly at a very slow speed, suddenly burst out with a violent shaking of the engine.

And the ship’s speed was instantly increased by a lot.

The people on that cruise ship had heard the roar from the cargo ship’s engine,

And the team leader immediately picked up the walkie-talkie and said loudly, “The situation has changed! Sail away at full speed!”

As soon as the words fell, the pilot immediately turned up the engine horsepower to the maximum.

And a large wave of water and foam stirred by the propeller gushed out from the stern of the ship at once.

“Want to run?”

Seeing that the other party wanted to escape, Charlie sneered and suddenly gave his full strength, directly striking a ten-layer soul piercing blade towards the stern of the ship!

He did not know how much damage the ten-layer soul piercing blade would cause to the ship,

But the people on this ship were not enough to die in his eyes,

So he intended to use the ten-layer soul piercing blade to give them a shot into the soul!

Nearly thirty percent of the aura in his body was instantly drawn away by this soul piercing blade.

Turning into unparalleled energy that rushed violently towards the yacht!