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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4176 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4176 Start

Joseph nodded and said seriously: “I thought it was a bit strange at first but after the interrogation,”

“I found that they have a complicated relationship with the police, and most of the target groups are illegal immigrants.”

“In addition, they also threaten the families of the victims and force them to dare not speak out.”

“Therefore, the paper data on the missing persons in Vancouver is still relatively low. It’s normal.”

Having said this, Joseph added: “I heard that their handlers above seems to have a bigger background,”

“And girls like Miss Li, who they think are very high-quality, usually provide some curiosity.”

“There are many rich people in the world, including some of the top hidden wealth and celebrities and the water behind them is very deep.”

Charlie asked, “Have you found out how they do the deals?”

“Have figured that out,” Joseph said:

“They usually send the information of the girl to be traded first,”

“And the other party will set a trading time. Within a few hours before the trade,”

“They will send them the coordinates of the specific trading location,”

“So that they will sail to the designated place to follow up with them where they get connected.”

Charlie asked coldly, “Then what time are they scheduled to go to sea tonight?”

Joseph said, “Three in the morning.”

Charlie looked at the time, it was already around two in the morning,

So he gritted his teeth and muttered: “Since this matter has been taken care of so far,”

“I will take care of everything I can!”

After that, he said to Joseph: “Joseph, leave this place to others,”

“Let them gather a lot of people on the big list for me before dawn.”

“You can call up a few capable men, and then bring those gang members you caught.”

“We will go to sea to meet their superiors!”

Joseph said without hesitation: “Okay, Mr. Wade, I’ll make arrangements!”

Ten minutes later.

Charlie boarded the freighter that had been controlled by Joseph’s men.

This ship is not actually the property of the gang, but they are temporarily leased.

Charlie asked Joseph to bring ten of his most capable men,

And tied more than ten members from the gang who were especially responsible for this line,

And then launched the freighter to leave the dock and sail into the dark sea.

After sailing for more than two hours, according to the statements of members of the gang,

The freighter has approached the pre-booked delivery point.

This handover point was a GPS coordinate sent by their previous boss four hours ago.

After the freighter arrived at this coordinate location, the entire sea was pitch black, and no ships could be seen at all.

Charlie questioned the gang member who was in charge of sailing the ship:

“Where is the boss who is dealing with you?”

The other party shook his head and said, “This… I don’t know much about this.”

“We all arrive at the specified place at the specified time. Then wait for them to show up.”

Charlie looked around, and there was no sign of a ship except his own ship on the sea that was more than ten kilometers in radius.

After waiting for another 20 minutes, a ship finally came slowly from a distance.

From a distance, it looks like a point of light drifting slowly at sea level.

Seeing this, the sailor hurriedly said, “They are here!”

Charlie stared at the light spot in the distance, and said to Joseph, who was beside him,

“Joseph, when the other party approaches, you can lead someone to rush quickly.”

“Go up, kill all those who resist first, and leave a few tongues to bring over to ask questions.”

Joseph nodded and blurted out: “Mr. Wade, rest assured, your subordinates will definitely complete the task!”