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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4172 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4172 Start

The bulk carrier’s cargo hold was like a deep pit made of steel, not only was it nearly ten stories deep, its interior space was also surprisingly large.

In addition, the whole ship was completely empty, so the place as a whole was very wide.

Two or three hundred members of the gang were escorted

Sent here, as ordered, one by one, they squatted in several rows at the edge of the cargo bay.

The loaded and armed soldiers of Cataclysmic Front stood on either side of this group, their eyes and guns always locked on them.

Soon, two of Joseph’s men brought Grover in.

Following behind, there were two soldiers of Cataclysmic Front, and the two of them were carrying a bowl-thick iron chain weighing at least 700 to 800 pounds.

This thick iron chain, a replacement anchor chain from the cargo ship, was bulky and heavy.

Grover was brought to the center of the warehouse, the two soldiers behind the anchor chain, starting from Grover’s ankles.

The lower half of Grover’s entire body was coiled in the center of the chain.

Surrounded by seven or eight hundred pounds of iron chains, Grover could not move at all, and he realized at this moment this is his execution ground.

At this moment, Grover, the whole person scared liver and guts, if not these chains will be wrapped around him, I’m afraid he would have fallen to the ground.

And at this time, another soldier walked in with an oil drum.

There was no gasoline on the freighter, so he specifically got off the ship and drew nearly ten liters of fuel from the fuel tank of Andre’s Rolls Royce.

The soldier came in front of Charlie and asked respectfully, “Mr. Wade, shall we start now?”

Charlie looked at Claudia and said to her, “You can start anytime after you think about it.”

Saying that, Charlie added: “If you change your mind, or if you can’t do it yourself and need someone else to do it for you, let me know at any time.”

Claudia said with a resolute expression, “I have no problem with that!”

After saying that, she took the oil barrel from the soldier’s hand.

She stepped in front of Grover, looked at him, and without hesitation, poured the liquid inside the barrel onto his body.

The strong smell of fuel made Grover pee his pants in fear, but at this time, peeing his pants would not help.

He could already see from Claudia’s eyes, her unwavering killing intent.

He cried out in fear: “Claudia, I beg you …… give me a painless death, a shot to kill me, I beg you!”

“If you burn me today, you will live in the shadows for the rest of your life!”

“You do not want your conscience to suffer day and night in the future, right?!”

Claudia shook her head and said firmly, “I want to look ahead and not live in hatred for the rest of my life,”

“And I won’t hate you anymore after I see you burn to ashes!”

After that, she took out a lighter from her pocket that she had been keeping for months.

This is her father’s favorite kind of lighter, when the cap is opened, a crisp crashing sound will be emitted.

In the past, whenever she heard this sound, she knew her father was smoking again, so she would go to him and say a few words.

Since her father died, she bought a lighter of the same type and every day when she missed her parents the most.

She would take this lighter out, listen to the familiar sound, watch the wavering fire, and think back to the happy times she had with her family.

Even, she also intends to use this meaningful lighter to die with Grover.

At this moment, she pushed away from the metal cover of the lighter and as usual, it once again issued a ding.

The crisp sound reverberated in the middle of the empty cargo hold, and actually had a bit of a lilting feeling.

At this moment, Claudia felt that the whole world had slowed down.

She slowly rubbed the slender roller on the side of the lighter, and the sparks from the flint grinding out.

The next moment, the sparks ignited the gas that the lighter kept releasing, and with a poof, a long, thin, and thriving fire sprang up.

In the wavering firelight, she saw Grover’s face, which was completely distorted by extreme fear, and heard his hysterical cries, all in her conscious background.

She lifted her head, shifted her gaze from the firelight, and turned to Grover, smiling with relief, reached out and threw the burning lighter toward him.

Boom, a large fire ignited from the man.

It was like the fire of the lighter just now, was instantly magnified countless times.

Grover’s miserable screams became more and more intense but gradually disappeared.

At this moment, Claudia seemed to see the appearance of her parents and two younger brothers from the roaring firelight.

She remembered the bedtime stories her mother told her when she was a child, at the foot of her bed.

The poor, little girl who sold matches, in the light of the matches, vaguely saw the appearance of her deceased grandmother.

Totally uncontrollable tears spurted out, causing her vision to blur.

However, although the vision before her eyes was blurred to the extreme, the appearance of her parents and younger brothers became clearer and clearer.

She saw her young mother smiling at her, her serious father quietly hiding his hand squeezing the cigarette under the table like a child,

And her two young brothers running towards her with excitement on their faces.

At this moment, the world in her eyes came to a soothing standstill.