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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4171 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4171 Start

After listening to Claudia’s words, Grover looked at her in shock, and after hesitating for a moment, he suddenly knelt down in front of her and choked up,

“Claudia, I was confused at first, please give me a chance to change my ways!”

“As long as you can spare my life, I don’t care what you want me to do!”

“After all, we are relatives, blood is thicker than water! Please spare me once for the sake of this relationship! Just once!”

Claudia coldly questioned, “Grover, don’t you think it’s ridiculous to say such words?”

“You have killed my family of four in spite of the blood relationship and being relatives,”

“And now you have the nerve to ask me for forgiveness? In the past few months,”

“I have been killing you countless times in my dreams every night, hoping that one day I will get what I want.”

Grover heard here, in his heart he also knows that he will certainly die today, so he immediately put away that bitter pleading face.

Now with a self-deprecating laugh, he continued: “I did not expect ah did not expect …… you are not young, but have such a heavy heart,”

“Such a ruthless mind should have known this, I should have killed you on the first day you came back,”

“In order to eliminate future problems …… mistake is that I thought you did not know anything ……”

Speaking of this, Grover laughed miserably, pointing to the camouflaged scars in her hand, sighed:

“Claudia, you have really calculated every aspect, if I had known that your face was not burned,”

“I would not have killed you, but I would have found an opportunity to sell you,”

“With your charming face, plus the identity of the daughter of the former head of the gang,”

“You would have been sold for a higher price than Xiaofen ……”

Speaking of this, Grover sighed and said with chagrin, “Calculated everything, but still did not calculate this yellow-haired girl ……”

Then, he blurted out, “Claudia …… I am willing to bet to lose, and do not ask you to spare my life,”

“But only ask you to give me a more a less painful death, better if you shoot me!”

Claudia shook her head and said seriously, “The fairest way I can think of is to let you die by fire,”

“And that’s the only thing that has kept me alive these past few months!”

For Claudia, her only remaining motivation for survival after the tragic death of her family was to avenge the deaths.

Therefore, since she disguised herself as disfigured by the fire and returned to Vancouver, she has been looking for revenge.

She knew that Grover was now the second-in-command of the gang and had a large number of followers, so it was difficult for her to kill him.

Therefore, she planned a plot to die together, using herself as a weapon, to exchange Grover’s life.

But, all this time, she had not found a suitable opportunity to execute her plan.

Especially with Xiaofen and Auntie Li around at all times, she did not want to risk these two people who cared about her.

Moreover, she spent most of her time helping out in Xiaofen’s store, and every time Grover appeared in front of her without his entourage and alone.

He was basically in the convenience store, so she could only suspend this plan for the time being.

Later, she found the mark left by the gang in front of Auntie Li’s house and knew that Grover had set his target on Xiaofen.

She then thought of asking Charlie, whom she had never met before, to come to Vancouver and take Xiaofen away,

So that Xiaofen would be safe and she could implement the plan to die together without any worries.

At that time, she never hoped that Xiaofen’s brother could help her take revenge.

Because she knew very well that Grover’s gang was a local snake in Vancouver,

And the strength of several hundred to a thousand people was never something that a foreigner could counteract.

Just, how did she not expect that the Charlie, who Xiaofen would mention every day, would have such actually powerful strength?

The tens of thousands of people in the size of the Cataclysmic Front, all loyal to him alone!

If it wasn’t for Charlie, she was afraid she wouldn’t have found the opportunity to seek revenge on Grover!

Grover was already desperate to the extreme at this point, he didn’t expect that Claudia, who looked weak on the surface, would be determined to burn him to death.

At the thought of that endless pain, he could only plead in a hoarse voice:

“Claudia, I did kill your family of four, but I never let them go through the pain either, your parents and two brothers went in their sleep,”

“Even if you want to kill me, you have to give me a minimum of humanity!”

Claudia shook her head and said seriously, “Humanity is for people, beasts don’t deserve to talk about humane matters!”

At this moment, Charlie had a little more appreciation for Claudia, an eighteen-year-old girl.

Under the premise of not actively hurting others, a ruthless heart is definitely an advantage.

Countless people are not ruthless enough to give the wrongdoers the opportunity to take advantage of.

Eighteen-year-old Claudia, at least, had already decided not to leave any room for the enemy.

Then, he opened his mouth and said to Joseph, “Joseph, take this beast down, and by the way, tie up all the others and escort them all to the cargo warehouse,”

“Later on, we will let them watch Grover turn into ashes with their own eyes.”

Joseph immediately said respectfully, “Yes, Mr. Wade, I’ll make the arrangements!”

After saying that, he immediately instructed the soldiers of the Cataclysmic Front.

They were asked to use very strong nylon ties all the gang members’ hands from behind and have them line up to go to the cargo warehouse.