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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4170 Free Novel

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Xiaofen originally only knew that Grover killed Claudia’s parents and two younger brothers,

But she never dreamed that he even had his mind on her!

Therefore, when the moment she saw him, although she didn’t speak, her eyes were full of contempt and hatred for him.

And when Grover saw her, all the hopes in his heart were completely shattered at this moment.

At this moment, he deeply realized that all his fantasies were completely shattered, and this time he was sure to die!

It’s just that he really couldn’t understand why Charlie knew that he was doing something to Xiaofen!

He subconsciously asked Charlie: “So, you lost money in the casino twice because you were acting on purpose?!”

Charlie laughed sarcastically: “Of course, since you want to go fishing, how can you not prepare some bait?”

“While Grover was shocked, he couldn’t help frowning and ask: “

“I don’t understand…you…you are not in Canada, how did you know all this?!”

“This matter is a secret within our organization, even within the organization, only a few people knew about it!”

“And they don’t know you at all, and they can’t reveal the news to you!”

Claudia on the side said coldly: “Grover, do you think I don’t know what you are doing?”

“I had already discovered the mark you made on the door of Aunt Li’s house!”

“And I knew exactly what the code meant! It was I who notified Mr. Wade and asked him to come to Canada to protect Miss Xiaofen!”

Grover waited for Claudia with wide eyes, gritted his teeth, and scolded:

“It turned out to be you! Claudia, before today, you should not have known that I killed your whole family.”

“You came back after you disappeared for a while, I Seeing this ghostly look on your face,”

“I thought you were pitiful and wanted to let you go, but I didn’t expect you to take revenge!”

“If I knew this, I should have killed you with my own fcuking hands!”

Claudia stretched out her hand to the right of her face with a little force from behind the ear.

The scar on the right cheek spread all the way to the neck, and the entire scar was torn off.

Revealing a delicate face that combines the advantages of Eastern and Western beauties and is incomparably beautiful.

Grover shivered in fright, and blurted out, “You…you are pretending! This…what the h3ll is going on…”

“What’s the matter?” Claudia asked angrily with tears in her eyes,

“You must think that I was lucky not to be burned to death, and it is impossible to find out the truth, right?”

Grover did not speak, but There was a surprise in his eyes.

Obviously, Claudia had what he had in mind.

At this time, she said coldly: “When the house caught fire, the first thing I thought of was not to run for my life,”

“But to wake up my parents and two younger brothers who were sleeping,”

“But they were all dead at that time. At that moment, I knew that they must have been killed by you!”

Grover’s eyes widened, and he blurted out, “Since you clearly knew that I killed them,”

“You still dare to come back to Vancouver after this incident, don’t you think? Were you trying to take revenge on me?”

“Of course!” Claudia cried while gritting her teeth:

“The reason why I came back was to find a chance to kill you!”

“For a while, I would tie a few costumes to my body every day. A foil bag full of gasoline, and a pocket knife and a lighter in my pocket,”

“I wanted to puncture these foil bags at the right opportunity, and then set myself on fire and die with you!”

Speaking of which, Claudia looked at Xiaofen, and said to Grover,

“But you are still alive! During that time, every time you appeared in front of me, you always came to see Sister Xiaofen,”

“And Sister Xiaofen and Aunt Li had always taken special care of me.”

“Afraid that I won’t be able to think about it and that I will be bullied,”

“They had never given me a chance to meet you alone, otherwise, I would have burned you to death with my own hands!”