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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4169 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4169 Start

Hearing that Grover threatened him with Xiaofen, Charlie looked at him and asked with a sneer,

“What? You are dying, and you still have the ability to threaten me with Xiaofen’s safety?”

He knows that this is his only chance to escape. So, he said to Charlie with a fierce face:

“When you were gambling in the casino, I had already ordered my men to arrest Xiaofen!”

“If you kill me, Xiaofen will never be able to see the sun again!”

Charlie frowned and asked, “Why do you want people to arrest Xiaofen?”

“What use is she to you as a girl? Or do you have the ability to predict what is happening now?”

Grover gritted his teeth: “In some rich circles, a girl like Xiaofen is the most valuable hard currency!”

“The value is much higher than gold and jewelry!”

“A clean girl like her with outstanding appearance and not prom!scuous can at least be auctioned away in the rich circle for millions of dollars!”

Grover said viciously: “However, those rich people who will bid for girls at auctions have some psychological problems!”

“If girls are bought by them, they will definitely be used by them.”

“They tortured and humiliated them with all kinds of cruel methods!”

“Many girls are tossed to death after two or three years in their hands.”

“Even if some people are lucky enough to survive two or three years, these rich people are probably already tired of playing.”

“After these rich people get tired of playing, these women will either die,”

“Or they will be sent to elsewhere and handed over to local gangs and they become money-making tools by selling their bodies!”

Speaking of which, Grover gritted his teeth and roared:

“Let me tell you, you surnamed Wade, if she really falls into the hands of the African and Eastern European gangs in Europe,”

“Xiaofen’s end will be extremely tragic! They will not only imprison and beat women,”

“But also use poison to reinforce them. In their hands, such a woman will not live for more than five years!”

“If you don’t want Xiaofen to end up like this, let me go!”

“As long as I leave Canada alive, I will let her go. From now on, you and I have nothing to do with each other!”

Charlie looked at him with great interest, and asked curiously:

“Grover, you have also seen that the entire Cataclysmic Front is under me,”

“Even if you can leave Canada alive, what can you do to escape the Cataclysmic Front? chasing them instead?”

Grover had panic in his eyes, and then said bravely:

“It’s a big deal, I will return to China and surrender!”

“I have committed a lot of sins in China, not only telecom fraud but also many other things on my back.”

“When the time comes, I will confess all these things to the police, they can at least sentence me to ten or twenty years!”

Charlie nodded and said with a smile:

“Grover, Grover, you are really talented, and you usually break the law.”

“When a crime is committed, you don’t take the police seriously, but now that disaster is imminent, and you want to seek the protection of the police,”

“If I really let you succeed, wouldn’t I allow you to smear the police’s face?”

Grover said nervously: “Then…then you are not afraid of Xiaofen’s whereabouts unknown and death overseas from now on?”

Charlie said with a smile: “I came all the way to Canada to protect my little sister, you think I will let you succeed. Is it?”

After saying that, he gave Joseph a wink.

Joseph immediately brought Xiaofen over from the next cabin.