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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4167 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4167 Start

Andre was also open-minded at this point.

He was afraid that Charlie really would put Grover up,

In that case, with Grover’s style of action, he must be finished.

Therefore, he would rather explode this matter completely, and not let Grover muddle through!

And this incomparably clear recording, itself is he left to keep in check Grover’s ambitions, did not expect to use it at this time.

In fact, Grover also knew that this kind of thing, Andre will certainly leave evidence.

Because, in ancient times and in modern times, this kind of thing, to put it bluntly, is the initiative to send the other side a big handle about themselves.

You want to go to the beam, then you can not be innocent.

If you are here to k!ll people and take over the mountain as the king of the bandits,

When you a clean, who can not trust you, and will not take you as their own people.

The only way is for you to come down and k!ll two people,

And you have to come to me with the heads and let me know what you have, otherwise, I won’t accept you at all.

Andre is the same.

He is also afraid that one day the East will come out, and finally, the matter might be imposed on his head,

So he left complete evidence to prove that all this is Grover’s making.

At this moment, Grover, the whole person has been ashen face.

He knew that he was completely planted this time.

He just doesn’t know how Charlie will deal with him now.

And at this moment all the gang members present,

All now understand that the boss’s family was actually killed by Grover!

Moreover, the most outrageous thing is that if Grover was not taken in by the boss’s family he would have died in the streets.

However, he did not have a little gratitude,

Instead, he killed all the relatives and benefactors of his boss’s family,

Such a vicious person simply is unheard of.

Even these members, who usually did wrong, were extremely indignant at this time at Grover’s unconscionable practice.

In addition, Claudia’s father, who was more influential within the group during his lifetime,

And after Andre came to power, it set off the goodness of Claudia’s father even more, so the crowd exploded at once.

Many people shouted words such as Grover, I’ll k!ll you, and so on.

The group of gang members was so agitated that they wanted to tear Grover alive.

If it wasn’t for the soldiers of the Cataclysmic Front carrying guns to control the situation,

I’m afraid Grover would have been swarmed by this group and killed alive.

However, this group of people is in righteous anger.

In addition to Grover, for Andre, they are also full of anger.

Because, they can also hear that, although Andre did not directly participate in the killing,

But without his consent, without the conditions, he negotiated with Grover,

Grover could never take the initiative to k!ll.

So, these two people are in cahoots, in collusion.

Charlie looked at Grover with a cold expression and said in a cold voice:

“Grover, I didn’t expect it, but your kid have such a black heart!”

Grover’s heart is all filled with panic and fear, the whole person shaking like a chaff sieve, shivering said:

“Wade …… Mr. Wade …… I …… I was also forced to …… ah”

“Oh?” Charlie curiously asked:

“You give me a good explanation, I would like to know, how exactly you were forced to be so helpless.”

“You first do not rush to say, wait for me to call out the victim.”

Charlie looked at Joseph and spoke, “Joseph, bring the person here.”

“Okay, Mr. Wade!” Joseph nodded respectfully, turned back, and brought Claudia over from the next cabin.

At this moment, Claudia’s face was already covered with tears.

She was just listening to everything that happened here in the next room,

And when she heard the recording of Grover’s phone call with Andre,

She was so angry that she wanted to k!ll Grover herself and avenge her family.