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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4165 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4165 Start

And Andre angrily pointed at Grover and said to Charlie, “Mr. Wade! You must not fall for this villain’s trick!”

“Grover, this son of a b!tch, has been bad to the bone for a long time!”

“And the last boss of our group was killed by him! If you keep him around, he will definitely do the same to you in the future!”

When Andre said this, all the members of the organization were in an uproar!

Everyone thought that Claudia’s father had died in a fire, but no one thought that it was by Grover’s hand!

Grover was also panicked and said: “Mr. Wade, don’t listen to his bullsh!t!”

“Our last boss died in a fire, I had nothing to do with it!”

“You’re the one who’s bullsh!tting!” Andre cursed through gritted teeth,

“It was you who poisoned the wine and drinks, killing the ex-boss, his wife, and two sons!”

“And then a fire burned their family to ashes! And his wife was your sister!”

“If she hadn’t taken you in, you’d be dead on the streets of Vancouver, you ungrateful ba5tard!”

Andre’s sudden roar made all the gang members’ jaws drop.

Someone stared at Grover and asked in a stern voice, “Is what Andre said true?”

“Of course not!” Grover’s voice was shivering as he shouted, then pointed at Andre and accused in a loud voice:

“Andre, don’t you think that Mr. Wade has made me the boss of the group and violated your interests?”

“You see that you can’t keep your power, so you made up this kind of lie to frame me, make me into a shameless villain,”

“So that Mr. Wade can be disappointed in me, but Mr. Wade knows what he’s doing, how can he fall for your trick!”

Charlie heard this, the corners of his mouth wiped a strange smile, then looked at Andre, full of cold face said:

“Andre, this point of your tactics, is a little too despicable!”

“In my opinion, Grover this forced, oh no, Grover this kid, looks loyal and honest,”

“His talk is also very real, and has a head of Chen Haonan’s hair,”

“A look is very righteous, not at all like that kind of ungrateful person.”

After saying that, Charlie looked at Andre with some disgust and said in a cold voice:

“On the contrary, you, with a face of flesh, plus a big mouth stubble, look like nothing good!”

“From my point of view, I’m afraid you killed your boss before!”

Andre also did not know what Chen Haonan did, but after hearing Charlie’s words, he was scared to death.

He hurriedly kneeled on the ground with a poof and choked:

“Mr. Wade …… what I just said is the truth! The one that killed the boss, it was Grover’s initiative to me and volunteered, personally.”

“He had been dissatisfied with the previous boss, thought the other side paid his salary too low and not cultivate him,”

“He was not willing to be the boss’s driver and followers, so gave sought advice, volunteered that he could unwittingly kill the boss,”

“And then let me smoothly take over the whole group, as a condition, when I was in the boss’s seat after that.”

“I promised to give him the second-in-command position after sitting on the throne ……”

Grover heard this, his face a little pale, but the mouth is still very strong said,

“Andre, what are you talking about? Boss, he was my brother-in-law!”

“How could I possibly want to kill him? Moreover, even if I really wanted to kill him,”

“There was no need to kill my sister and my two nephews, right?”

“It was you who really wanted to kill him! It was you who coveted the boss’s position,”

“And now you’re making up such a heartless lie, you’ll be struck by lightning!”