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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4160 Free Novel

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But such words spoken by a boat runner really made them feel doubly insulted.

Especially that last sentence of Joseph, it even poked their soft spot.

Italian gangs have really been unlucky over the years.

The reason they used to do well in Canada is entirely that they came early.

Asian immigrants had not yet the mass influx of Vancouver, they had come out of Sicily,

In the United States and Canada respectively to establish their own forces.

However, after the Vietnam War, a large number of retired and defeated Vietnamese soldiers came to Canada.

And with their superior military qualities, soon took their place here.

Since then, the Italian group has not had such a good time.

Later, with the rise of the Chinese gang, Eastern European forces then infiltrated, even the Vietnamese were increasingly difficult.

These years, the whole Italian group is in the cracks to survive, the days are really suffocating.

Joseph at this time ignored Andre’s pistol, not even looked at him, but with a calm face said to Charlie:

“Mr. Wade, just this Vancouver with less than a million people in this small place, if you are interested,”

“Just give your subordinate a night, I can make Vancouver all gang leaders, line up to kneel in front of you to sing in your praise!”

“Crap!” A group of Italian group members had almost stormed out, and even Grover was furious.

Although Andre did not know exactly how to sing conquest, but he also knew that this statement simply did not put himself in the eye at all.

He looked at Joseph and said in a cold voice: “You’re so fcuking loud! Originally I just want this ship,”

“I don’t want to do anything to you crew members, but since you are so insensitive, don’t blame me for being ungracious to you!”

Joseph glanced at Andre and said indifferently, “The only reason you are still alive is because Mr. Wade wanted to keep you alive,”

“Otherwise, you would have been dead the moment you pointed your gun at me!”

When Grover heard this, he became furious and pointed at Joseph, gritting his teeth and cursing,

“Have you been fcuking kicked in the head by a donkey? A fcuking boat runner, and still fcuking dare to blow this kind of bull5hit,”

“You really fcuking think your life is too long!”

Joseph smiled faintly and asked Grover curiously, “I don’t quite understand why you, a Chinese, are working as a dog with Italians?”

Grover became furious and cursed through clenched teeth,

“Da*n, who the hell said I’m a dog? I’m the second in command of the group!”

Joseph nodded and laughed: “Good second-in-command, don’t worry, I will definitely take care of you in the future.”

Grover did not know at this time, what Joseph meant by this so-called more care.

He only knew that his dignity, at this moment, had been provoked and insulted like never before.

He immediately said to the gang members around him:

“You guys, drag this ba5tard to the deck and give him a good beating! By the way, tear up his mouth for me!”

Those few members of the gang immediately rushed over to Joseph in an aggressive manner.

As they walked, they deliberately clicked their fingers.

Joseph looked at Charlie without changing his face and respectfully spoke, “Mr. Wade, please give an order!”

Grover couldn’t help but spit and cursed, “I’m really fcuking convinced of you, you still don’t forget to pretend to be a pu55y when you’re dying,”

“I think your surname is Pu55y, the King of Pu55y that people often say is you, right?”

Joseph’s expression was incomparably cold, but he did not look at him but silently waited for Charlie’s order.

At this time, Charlie was too lazy to pretend to be a wimp anymore, stretched lazily and casually said,

“Joseph, before you do it, introduce yourself to them first.”

Charlie’s words directly froze Andre and Grover’s gang.

Grover couldn’t help but think: “It’s okay for that what’s-his-name to lose his mind, but did this guy named Wade also lose his mind?”