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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4156 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4156 Start

Just when he was terrified to the core, Joseph had the tip of the needle inserted into his neck.

This needle is very thin and short, much smaller than the average blood collection needle.

Under normal circumstances, this needle will not be too painful,

But he felt, after this needle inserted, a kind of intense pain from the eye of this needle quickly spread out,

And the painful feeling and its intensity still rising.

Joseph said: “The tip of the needle may have a little bit of liquid, so you should already feel a little bit,

But it is just a thousandth of the total amount of medicine, you can imagine, after I injected this needle into your body,”

“What will you be feeling, I tell you, then every time you breathe,”

“It will feel like the trachea sucked in a pile of broken glass it is as painful!”

The man immediately shouted in horror: “Don’t ah, please don’t ah …… I speak …… I will tell you everything!”


Ten minutes later.

Several black business cars stopped in front of Auntie Li’s house.

A dozen black-clothed people got off and rejoined Joseph in the room,

Then the people carried the dozen or so unconscious Italian group members into multiple cars respectively.

Immediately after that, the two girls boarded one of the business cars under the escort of Joseph.

Subsequently, these business cars, together with the four cars driven by the Italian group members before,

Left Auntie Li’s house together and whistled towards the pier.

Auntie Li, who was still confused, was left at the villa, accompanied by three female soldiers of the Cataclysmic Front.

Soon. At the entrance of the Italian group’s casino, a dozen various vehicles were ready.

Charlie was led by Andre and got into his Rolls Royce.

Andre held an Italian-made Beretta 92F pistol in his hand, the muzzle always pointed at Charlie, and with a proud face he said:

“Mr. Wade, this gun is produced in my hometown, and is one of the best pistols in the world,”

“If you cooperate, I will never hurt you, but if you dare to play any small mind with me, do not blame me for being merciless!”

Charlie rarely pretended to be a goose, against his will he spoke:

“Mr. Andre, you asked me to cooperate, then I cooperate well with you,”

“This gun, you better put it away, lest it goes off ……”

Andre saw him acting like a goose, but even more smugly said:

“This is the best pistol, the best of the best, absolutely no jamming, direct fire!”

Charlie helplessly sighed, eyes with a little pity said:

“I can see that you like this gun, then you must cherish the time you have it.”

Andre listened to the puzzled, feel Charlie’s words at first glance as if there is nothing wrong,

But carefully pondered, feeling something does not feel right.

However, he did not think deeper.

Because in his opinion, Charlie is now completely a big fish on his own plate,

He already has a kitchen knife in his hand ready to cut down, completely crushing advantage.

Therefore, he would not even think that this fish may come back to cut him.

The next thing, this convoy, too, whistled to the port terminal.

At the same time, in the four sides of Vancouver, there are many other Italian group members,

Who temporarily received the command and hurriedly drove to the port.

They have received the news that the boss has got a 15,000-ton freighter,

So they will have their own big freighter when they start the smuggling business again.

This is a big leap compared to the birds and guns,

If you look at the whole of Vancouver, there is no gang that has such a large cargo ship.