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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4155 Free Novel

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When the three men saw this scene, they almost instantly collapsed with fear.

Because, they know very well, this gang of black-clothed people,

Since they can directly solve their nine brothers without showing their faces,

It proves that the strength of this gang of people is something they can no longer imagine.

This also means that next the three of them can not escape the doom!

Just when the three were terrified to the extreme, several more men came in carrying four men who were already unconscious.

And one of them spoke up, “Supreme Commander, we found four drivers in four cars, plus two women who were already unconscious and hidden in the trunk.”

When the three men saw that their brothers in the car were also caught,

They immediately realized that they were completely planted this time.

At that moment, Joseph, who was dressed in a black combat uniform.

He walked up to the three men and asked in a cold voice, “Of the twelve of you, who is the boss?”

The three people were too scared to speak, and their minds were thinking hard about how to get out of this situation.

Seeing that the three did not speak, Joseph immediately reached out his hand and strangled the neck of the man at the front,

His thumb pressed on his throat knot, and with a little force, the man’s face was red with pain, but he could not make a sound.

Joseph stared at the man and said in a cold voice: “If you don’t tell me, I will break your neck,”

“Anyway, if you don’t tell me, I still have a dozen people to ask one by one, someone will tell me!”

The man’s eyes were wide with fear and he tried desperately to nod.

Seeing this, Joseph let go of his thumb, allowing the other man to finally breathe normally.

Immediately after that, the man hurriedly pointed to an already unconscious man on the ground and said, breathlessly,

“He …… he’s our boss ……”

Joseph immediately pushed the man to the ground, and then took a big step to the unconscious leader on the ground,

And as soon as he yanked his hair, he directly pulled his whole body up from the ground.

The intense pain in his scalp made the man wake up instantly,

And then he looked at Joseph in fear and asked, “Who are you …… ……”

Joseph coldly said: “I ask you, where are you going to rendezvous next?”

The man was scared and did not dare to make a sound.

Because he knew very well that if he said it, Andre would definitely kill him after he found out.

When Joseph saw that he was silent, he took out a dagger and plunged it through his left rib cage without blinking.

The man did not expect Joseph to come up and directly stab him with the knife,

The wound immediately gave him a painful heart.

The strong pain from the wound spread straight to the internal organs.

Before he had time to scream, Joseph said with a smile, “Don’t be afraid, I haven’t stabbed you in the vitals,”

“And you won’t have a drop of blood loss with this knife,”

“Your skin and subcutaneous fat can absorb both sides of the blade very well, so not a drop of blood will come out.”

When the other party heard this, he was even more frightened and turned pale.

Joseph then waved with his other hand to the man beside him, who immediately sent a microsyringe.

The syringe was only two or three centimeters long, with a needle about one centimeter long.

And a tube-like capsule behind it, which contained about one milliliter of an unknown liquid.

Joseph looked at the man and said indifferently: “Your wound should be very painful, right?”

“But don’t be anxious, this medicine in my hand has a strong stimulating effect on your nerves,”

“After injecting you with this, your pain will be amplified a hundred times, and you will feel sorer then.”

The man was trembling violently with fear, he did not doubt Joseph’s words in the slightest.

Because he had heard of this kind of thing before, only that it was something used by top agents, and he usually did not have access to it.

When he saw that these people were extremely strong and of very high professional quality,

He realized that these people must be of great importance, so it was not a matter of course that they had this drug.