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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4154 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4154 Start

So he closed the window and said on the intercom,

“Sam you drive around to the back door, we’ll touch in at the same time, and make it quick!”

A voice came over the intercom, “OK, I got it!”

Then, the two cars behind suddenly turned away and went around to the back of Aunt Li’s house.

Before that person again in the intercom commanded: “Brothers, this time we go in a total of twelve people,”

“Sam you six people responsible for the first floor, we six responsible for the second floor.”

Sam’s voice came over the intercom again: “OK, leave the first floor to me.”

The leader of the men continued: “After we get inside the villa, Sam, you have to send two people to guard the front door,”

“Two people to guard the back door, the remaining two people to check all the rooms on the first floor,”

“If there are people, immediately with a tranquilizer gun give anesthesia;”

“The remaining six people are responsible for the second floor,”

“Two people guard the stairway, the other three people will come with me,”

“From two directions to feel through all the rooms on the second floor,”

“First put everyone down, and then find our target person and take them away!”

“We must be quick and try to solve it within ninety seconds!”

Immediately after that, four cars at the front and back doors, a total of twelve masked men.

Some of them holding firearms, some holding sticks and anesthesia tools, quietly approaching the villa of Auntie Li’s family.

At this point in the villa, the majority of rooms have no lights.

Only in a bedroom on the second floor, there is dim yellow light.

More than ten people at the same time with lock tools to open the front and rear doors, followed by a fish into.

Their division of labor is very clear, and each of them also very abide by their role,

Six people control the first floor, the other six people do not make any stop, directly heading to the second floor.

But just when they thought they had everything under control,

The six people on the first floor were suddenly controlled instantly by a black shadow that appeared from nowhere!

Six people barely made a sound, they were all subdued!

And the six people who rushed up to the second floor were also unable to escape the fate.

The two people who stayed behind to guard the stairs just stood at the entrance of the stairs,

They were immediately hit in the back of the head, instantly unconscious.

The other four knew nothing about what was going on behind them,

So they split into two teams and started searching the rooms on the second floor one by one.

But what surprised them was that several bedrooms on the second floor were empty at this time, there was no one there!

The leader of the men from the last room to exit, and the other two met, asked in a low voice: “You found the target?

The man shook his head and said, “No one in sight ……”

“Strange ……” the head of the men frowned: “Maybe people are in the basement, hurry down!”

Saying that he took the lead and rushed to the stairs.

Just to the stairs, he saw two black shadows, he subconsciously said: “Do not stand here, go to the basement!”

The words just fell, the two black shadows suddenly attacked.

The leader of the men only felt a shadow wavering, and then he lost consciousness.

The next thing you know, the black shadow who did it to him dragged him down the stairs.

The three men behind them had no idea what was happening in front of them,

And thought that their teammate in the lead had already gone downstairs.

When the three of them came down the stairs and rushed to the first floor.

They saw several black shadows standing on the first floor, and they thought they were their own people,

And were just about to ask about the situation when the lights on the entire first floor suddenly turned on.

The three men suddenly found that what stood before them were not their brothers,

But seven or eight mysterious men dressed in black combat uniforms.

As for their nine brethren, they were now lying in a row on the spacious living room floor!