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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4153 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4153 Start

As long as they get reasonable and legal title documents, then this matter of police is also very difficult to break up.

Therefore, the first order of business now is to keep the ship first! Then force Charlie to sign off all the documents!

This way, even if the police later investigate, they can take out these documents signed by Charlie himself,

To tell them that this is a normal debt issue between the two, reasonable and legal, no one has the right to interfere.

Because of this, he could not let Charlie contact with the outside world.

Seeing that Charlie was going to get his cell phone, he rushed over first and snatched the cell phone away, saying in a cold voice:

“Mr. Wade, you can’t contact anyone until it’s resolved!”

Charlie coldly questioned, “Since I lost to you today, I’m willing to gamble and concede,”

“But you guys won’t even let me make a phone call, that’s a bit too much, right?”

Andre suddenly showed his fierce face and said through clenched teeth, “The money you owe me is not settled,”

“And you still want to call outside? I tell you, Wade, from now on,”

“You have to do everything at my command, dare to play tricks with me, watch out I will waste you!”

After that, he looked at Grover and ordered, “Tell everyone in the casino to get ready and leave for the dock with me immediately,”

“No matter what, we have to keep this ship where it is now!”

Grover immediately said, “Yes, boss! I’m going to gather the brothers!”

Andre hurriedly called him again and asked, “How many men are there in the yard?”

Grover thought about it and said, “Twenty to thirty!”

“Not enough!” Andre said without hesitation, “Call some more men, wherever they are, and tell them to rush to the pier right now!”

Grover asked, “Boss, how many people do you want?”

Andre was afraid of any mistakes in this matter, said: “more than 10,000 tons of cargo ships, at least a dozen or 20 crew members on board,”

“If we have fewer people, afraid that the chances of victory are not enough,”

“In addition to watching out for dock workers, so at least two or three hundred people should be called, the more the better!”

Grover said: “Boss, we have some brothers at the dock, today is the day to send ‘goods’,”

“The dock brothers are watching the ‘goods’, there are on their way to pick up the new ‘cargo’ and when they rendezvous at the pier,”

“There will be at least thirty or forty more men.”

Andre nodded and ordered, “Then call more people over, the more the better, in this matter tonight we can not afford to be half-hearted!”

Grover understood the boss’s intention and immediately said, “Then I will order the other brothers to hurry over.”

Andre looked at Charlie and said coldly, “Mr. Wade, I’ll let you go for now after I take over the ship,”

“But if you dare to play small with me, then don’t blame me for being too ruthless.”

Charlie also seems to have given up resistance, re-sitting back in his chair and said indifferently,

“Okay, don’t you guys just want money? I cooperate with you in this.”

Andre nodded with satisfaction: “It’s best if you can cooperate!”


Just as Grover gathered his casino men and at the same time had other men notified to go to the pier as soon as possible

Four cars had already driven to the door of Auntie Li’s house.

In these four cars, there were a total of more than ten masked men, all of whom were members of the Italian group.

In addition to them, in the trunk, there were two young women who were already unconscious, gagged, and hooded.

They were also the targets of the Italian group this time, and Xiaofen was the last one tonight.

According to the plan, as soon as they get Xiaofen, they will immediately drive the car to the pier.

And after meeting up with the others at the pier, they will send all the women kidnapped this time to the ship and sail directly to the high seas.

At this time, the window of the passenger side of the car lowered.

And a masked man with a special purple flashlight shone in front of Auntie Li’s house.

And sure enough, on the pillar by the door, he saw his group’s specific markings.