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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4152 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4152 Start

Andre laughed and said excitedly, “Okay! Mr. Wade is really very quick, in that case, then I will play a few more games with you!”

After saying that, he immediately instructed Grover, “Get Mr. Wade another two million chips!”

Grover ran out without hesitation and returned a minute later with a tray of chips.

This time the speed at which Charlie lost money set a new record.

Losing this 2 million, he only used 20 minutes.

The rabbit girl who had never seen anything in the world was completely stunned.

After all, she is not a professional in the casino, which has seen such a big gambling game.

At this time, Charlie has completely lost red eyes, only want to continue to gamble,

Even if the cards are bad, he still wants to keep smashing money in, and incessantly chant: “I do not believe I can be so back!”

Soon, he lost 14 million chips.

When he ran out of chips again, he didn’t wait for Andre to speak, he immediately said to Grover, “Go, get me another two million!”

Andre said with a smile at this time, “Mr. Wade, you already owe me 14 million.”

Saying that, he picked up the pile of paper and said indifferently,

“With this ship of yours I can only offset 15 million here, so now you still have at most 1 million in credit.”

Charlie impatiently said, “Then hurry up and bring me 1 million chips! I’m going to flip tonight!”

Andre laughed: “Of course, it’s okay to take 1 million chips, but I have to remind you,”

“Mr. Wade, if you lose all the 1 million, you won’t be able to play.”

Charlie said coldly: “Cut the fcuking crap, I’m sure I can flip the game! Hurry up and bring over the chips!”

Andre nodded: “Okay! In that case, then I’ll give you another million!”

Without saying a word, Grover immediately took another million chips and handed it to Charlie.

This time, Charlie also seemed to be a little impatient, he grabbed a hand that looked good um, and bet all of the one million.

In the end, there was no doubt that Andre won again.

At this time, Andre stood up, took the papers, and said to Charlie:

“Mr. Wade, you lost fifteen million, now there are only two choices, either, transfer this ship to me,”

“Or, you return me sixteen and a half million with interest,”

“After tomorrow night, each day after the interest will be increased by 165,000, which do you intend to choose?”

Charlie let out a long breath, seems to have been willing to bet to lose, said indifferently:

“I choose the first one, this ship is yours.”

Andre nodded with satisfaction and smiled, “In that case, I will have my lawyer prepare the contract later,”

“After signing, it will be hard for Mr. Wade to stay here for one night tonight,”

“And tomorrow after dawn, we will go to the port together to see the ship and then finish the transfer procedure.”

Charlie looked at the time, it was already twelve o’clock in the evening local time, so he spoke:

“This ship will set sail back to China at two o’clock in the morning, if you want this ship, you’d better go over and stop it now.”


When Andre heard Charlie’s words, he stood up instantly and asked, “Are you sure it’s going back to China in the early morning?

Charlie spoke: “I came to buy this ship and take it back to China, could not keep it parked at Vancouver dock, right?”

He said casually: “Do you want me to make a phone call and tell the captain not to set sail for the time being?”

How could he dare to let Charlie make a call?

In case Charlie makes a call, let the other party to bring the police, his kill plate will not be good to deal with.

After all, Charlie is a foreigner, and not a stowaway or illegal immigrant,

He pitted him so much money, really if gone to the police side, it will for sure not end well.

Moreover, the Chinese embassies abroad have always attached great importance to the safety and rights of their citizens outside,

Such a big thing, in case the embassy knows, it will certainly put pressure on the Vancouver police,

And then the money they pitted Charlie, it will be more difficult to pocket for peace.

Therefore, the most important thing now is to take advantage of this matter is not out of their control,

First force Charlie to sign all the transfer agreements clearly.