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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4151 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4151 Start

Seeing Charlie shoot out a thick copy of the information, Andre hurriedly drew over, and then carefully flipped through it.

After reading a few pages, the corner of his mouth showed a surprised smile,

And then the expression changed to a flattering look, and said smilingly:

“Mr. Wade is really extraordinary, your business has reached Vancouver, and this ship cost $20 million in second-hand, really not cheap ah!”

Charlie said indifferently: “15,000 tons, it’s nothing.”

After saying that, he became impatient and asked: “Nonsense, this ship can offset how much money, you give me a number.”

Andre’s heart was moving at this time.

His group deals in contraband goods shipping into or out of Canada via seas.

But because of the reason of financial strength, they do not have their own cargo ships.

They had always had to borrow other people’s cargo ships to transport goods.

Since they were doing some prohibited business, the cost of using other people’s ships was very high every time,

Even accounting for more than 30% of the overall cost.

Andre always dreamed of owning a freighter, but the price of tens of millions of dollars was really out of his reach.

But unexpectedly, Charlie took the initiative to bring him one to his door.

If he does not seize the opportunity to keep the freighter.

He would be sorry for the good deal God has arranged for him.

When he thought of this, his first thought was to let Charlie lose more, the more he lost the better,

The better to lose until Charlie directly gives up to redeem the ship from his own hands, then the ship will be for nothing?

He made up his mind, he said to Charlie: “Mr. Wade, since your ship was just traded for $20 million,”

“Then I can at least give you a mortgage of 15 million Canadian dollars, see how much you need?”

Charlie said indifferently: “Take these papers first, then have someone prepare two million chips for me,”

“I will borrow from you when I lose all of them, if I win back and pay back the chips I owe you, you will return the papers to me.”

André nodded and said, “No problem, but Mr. Wade, I want to make it clear to you in advance,”

“Borrowing money from me is not for nothing, the initial interest rate is 10%, and then 1% per day, you borrowed two million,”

“Even if you borrowed the first foot, the next foot I get it back,”

“You still have to give me 200,000 interest, that is, two hundred and twenty thousand,”

“From the next day, the interest rate of twenty-two thousand per day.”

Charlie did not care and said, “Okay, I know, hurry up and bring me the chips.”

Andre looked at Grover and said with a smile, “You go get the chips for Mr. Wade!”

Grover’s heart is also excited, Charlie has lost two million tonight,”

“If this ship’s collateral 15 million is also lost, that it is 17 million, he can just take the draw to make a fortune!

So, he hastened to diligently prepare the chips, in his heart hoping that may Charlie a little faster.

And Charlie really did not let him down.

This time, Charlie’s performance at the gambling table seemed to be obviously a little impatient.

The amount he bets is much larger than just now, sometimes he can smash in 200,000 to 300,000 in one hand.

So, the 2 million chips were already lost by him after just under half an hour.

Andre saw Charlie’s chagrin and said with a smile,

“Sir, it seems that your luck in cards today is not too good, that hand just now, I almost gave up,”

“I did not expect to gamble on the last hand and found that your bottom card is really not as big as mine!”

Charlie gritted his teeth and said cursingly, “Da*n, I don’t believe in this evil!”

After saying that, he looked at Grover and said coldly, “Bring me another two million!”

Andre reminded, “Mr. Wade, this is 4 million now!”

“Never mind.” Charlie pointed to the pile of cargo ship papers in front of Andre and gritted his teeth,

“If I can’t flip tonight, that ship will be yours!”