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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4150 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4150 Start

In this completely unfair poker game, Charlie’s and Andre’s poker luck was simply lopsided.

In just less than an hour Charlie lost half of the remaining chips out of the two million Canadian dollars.

Andre’s expression has become more and more excited, this night is the fastest time in his life to make money,

With this kind of speed to earn a million Canadian dollars an hour, made his whole existence floating.

At this time, one of Grover’s men found him and asked in his ear in a low voice:

“Mr. Guo, several of our other prey have been won and are waiting at the port to be sent to the high seas for delivery in the early hours of tomorrow morning,”

“That Xiaofen in Chinatown, are we still doing it tonight?”

Grover touched his chin, his heart began to think, secretly said:

“Since the surnamed Wade will leave Canada tomorrow, then on Xiaofen side, there is no need to continue to delay ……”

“And, tonight if we make a move on her, after winning the hand directly sent to the port before dawn can be sent out of the high seas for delivery,”

“Otherwise, we will have to wait for another week.”

Thinking of this, Grover immediately ordered in a low voice:

“Tonight do it as planned to do, you must do it crisp and clean, and send her directly to the port dock!”

“Yes!” The other party immediately said, “Mr. Guo, don’t worry, we will do a good job tonight!”

Grover nodded with satisfaction and thought: “If the person named Wade loses 2 million tonight,”

“And if Xiaofen is selected for the auction, she may be able to earn back another 1 or 2 million,”

“Then the money in my hands will be at least 300,000 to 400,000, and I can get a Rolls Royce by then!”

As soon as he thought of this, an excited smile appeared on his face and he muttered,

“They say that no man is rich without money and no horse is fat without grass.”

“If I don’t get Claudia’s family killed, how the hell was I going to get to this point in my life?”

“If I can accumulate some personal power in the group in a few years, I’ll find a chance to kill that ba5tard Andre too!”

As he was thinking about this in his heart, he suddenly heard Andre shouting,

“Mr. Wade, you’ve lost all your chips, how can you continue to play with me?”

Hearing these words, Grover couldn’t help but say, “Holy sh!t, losing so fast?

With that, he pushed the door into the room and asked with concern, “Boss, Mr. Wade, what’s going on?”

Andre’s expression was no longer the same compliment and politeness that he had just shown to Charlie,

Replacing it with an undisguised face of cannibalism, he said in a cold voice:

“This Mr. Wade has lost all his chips, if he can’t get the money, then tonight’s gambling game will have to end early!”

Charlie’s expression at this moment is no longer as calm and self-assured as it was just now,

As if losing two million so quickly had caught him off guard.

Immediately after, Charlie asked him, “You give me a bank account number,”

“I will arrange for someone to make a call right now to exchange another two million chips!”

Andre laughed shamefully, “Mr. Wade, which underground casino have you seen that dares to use a bank account to collect money?”

“The Canadian National Revenue Agency will be looking for me to collect taxes on such a large amount of money income! So we only accept cash here!”

When Charlie heard this, he hesitated for a moment and said what most gamblers would say when they are at the end of their rope:

“Can you lend me some cash? Or just lend me some chips?”

“Lending?” Andre asked with interest, “I wonder how much Mr. Wade intends to borrow?”

Charlie stretched out two fingers and said with a bit of fire: “I want to borrow two million!”

“Two million?!” Andre grunted contemptuously and said, “Mr. Wade, I met you for the first time,”

“And you want to borrow money from me, and the moment you ask for two million,”

“Isn’t it a bit too much? If you lose the money you borrowed from me, how will you pay me back?”

“Since you want to borrow money from me, you must give me a sufficient guarantee,”

“So that I am sure that you can pay me back with interest, I can only lend you in that case only!”

Charlie gritted his teeth and said furiously, “You fcuking think I don’t have money?”

“It’s only two million, it’s not even a far.t in my eyes!”

After saying that, he immediately took out all the information about the boat he bought from his bag and threw it in front of Andre,

Saying in a cold voice: “Open your eyes wide and look at it clearly, this boat is worth 20 million,”

“And it’s still in dollars! I use this ship as collateral, is it enough to lend me a mere two million?”