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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4149 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4149 Start

The bunny girl could not believe until now that Charlie was going to give her these 20,000 worth of chips.

You know, according to the rules of the casino, the chips are a kind of currency issued by the casino and can be exchanged for cash inside the facility at any time.

As soon as she exits this door, she would immediately be able to exchange these two plastic chips, into 20,000 Canadian dollars!

She couldn’t believe that someone would offer such a generous amount.

Charlie said with a smile on his face at this time, “Don’t worry to take it, this is a tip for you!”

After saying that, he also deliberately glanced at the other rabbit girl standing behind Andre.

Seeing her face of envy and jealousy, Charlie then smiled slightly and said to the rabbit girl beside himself,

“I have a habit of not letting anyone serve me for free, you stay here tonight,”

“If I win money tonight, there is no shortage of benefits for you.”

Once the girl heard this, she naturally bowed with gratitude and kept saying under her breath, “Sir, thank you! Thank you!”

The rabbit girl behind Andre was going crazy with envy at this time,

So she subconsciously looked at Andre, hoping that he would also show something.

But Andre’s dissatisfaction with Charlie was also piling up at this time.

He did not expect that Charlie would be such a big loser, to even this kind of rabbit girl, even if you take h3r back to enjoy a night,

It does not even cost two thousand Canadian dollars, Charlie gave 20,000 tips, is money really not something valuable for him?

Moreover, he was more depressed, Charlie giving away this money, his own reputation is more or less over.

He also hesitated in his heart, should he also give his side of the rabbit girl 20,000 chips?

Give words, he could not give up.

If not, he felt that he would have to stay in this room lower than Charlie’s head.

After thinking about it, a brilliant idea popped into his head.

So, he also took out 20,000 Canadian dollars in chips and handed it to the rabbit girl beside him.

Just when the rabbit girl was excited, he took out his cell phone and sent a text message to Grover, the text message read:

“Instruct the person who redeemed the chips not to redeem the chips for the two of them after tonight’s gambling game,”

“And send two more minions to get the chips back.”

Grover received the text message, took a look at it, and quietly nodded to Andre.

These two people are all in the same boat, and they take money extremely seriously,

So who can really let these two girls take 40,000 Canadian dollars from the casino?

The two of them are very serious about their money, so it’s impossible to let them take away a single cent.

At this time, the dealer also came in, so Andre lit a cigar, after puffing clouds for a while, asked Charlie:

“Mr. Wade, what do you plan to play tonight?”

Charlie thought about it and casually said, “Let’s play Texas, that’s the fastest.”

Andre laughed and said quickly, “Good! Then let’s play Texas!”

Then, he said to the croupier in the middle, “Deal the cards!”

Grover hurriedly said to the two people, “Boss, Mr. Wade, you guys have fun,”

“I’ll go out first, if you need anything, feel free to order.”

After saying that, Grover turned around and left the room,

Leaving only Charlie and Andre, as well as the croupier and two rabbit girls inside.

This time, Charlie did not make any psychological suggestion to the croupier.

He intended to lose the two million Canadian dollars first, and then, incidentally, export the ship he had just bought as well.