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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4146 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4146 Start

While eating breakfast, Xiaofen proposed, “Brother, why don’t we just close the convenience store today,”

“And the three of us will take you around Vancouver together!”

Charlie laughed, “Sorry Fanny, I have some business to take care of later.”

Auntie Li asked curiously, “Charlie, do you have other things to do in Vancouver this time?”

Charlie smiled and said, “Auntie Li, the Wade family’s shipping company just happened to be looking at a ship in Vancouver,”

“I happen to be here, I will go to the port later to take a look and do the transaction procedures by the way.”

Auntie Li did not suspect, nodded, and said, “The port is not that far from here, let Fanny take you there!”

Charlie said, “No need Auntie Li, I can just take a taxi myself.”

After saying that, he looked at Xiaofen and said,

“Xiaofen, you should go to the convenience store normally, I’ll come back to the store after I’m done.”

When Xiaofen saw this, she did not insist.

After breakfast, she drove Claudia and Auntie Li to Chinatown.

Auntie Li didn’t have to go to daycare in the morning and usually went to the convenience store to give them a hand.

Charlie took a car by himself and headed to Vancouver port.

Melba, according to his instructions, found a 15,000-ton bulk carrier for him from Vancouver, priced at $20 million,

Not a beautiful price, but the victory was that it could be traded immediately and put into use directly.

And Charlie only needs to take the documents, go to the port to do the transfer procedures, the freighter is his.

He came to port, according to the address provided by Melba, he found the shipowner.

The owner took him to visit the freighter docked at the port.

15,000-ton freighter is just a younger brother in the field of freighters, but this iron guy is really big enough,

And in terms of displacement, it is not a problem to stuff a few thousand people inside.

So, Charlie signed a ship transfer agreement with the other party directly on board,

And then he asked Melba to transfer 20 million dollars to the shipowner and bought the freighter under his name.

After the deal, the shipowner warmly invited Charlie to have lunch, but Charlie politely declined.

He sent off the previous owner of the ship, and then called Joseph and told him the location of the ship.

Half an hour later, Joseph arrived one after another with nearly 300 people.

On the deck, Joseph was the first to kneel down on one knee towards Charlie and said respectfully,

“Mr. Wade, I, Joseph, report to you with more than two hundred men of the Cataclysmic Front, at your disposal at all times!”

Behind him, more than two hundred soldiers of the Cataclysmic Front also knelt down on one knee,

Shouting in unison after Joseph, showing their sincerity.

To Charlie, no one from the top and bottom of the Cataclysmic Front did not disobey.

Even for those who did not go to Waderest Mountain, they knew that Charlie’s strength was extremely strong,

Killing the two great commanders of the Cataclysmic Front in two moves and making Joseph surrender without a fight.

Moreover, since Charlie was able to convince Joseph to bow down to him, the others did not dare to show any disrespect to him.

Charlie looked at the crowd, nodded slightly, and spoke,

“All right, everyone get up, there is no need to kneel and bow when you see me in the future.”

Only then did Joseph stand up and say respectfully, “Mr. Wade, what do you need your subordinates to do, please command!”

Charlie looked at him and said, “Joseph, I’ll give you three tasks, all three tasks, I want no mistakes!”

After saying that, Charlie told Joseph about his three tasks, one by one.

After hearing this, Joseph immediately said firmly, “Mr. Wade, don’t worry, I will definitely complete the tasks!”