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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4144 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4144 Start

Immediately, Charlie instructed Grover: “Send us back.”

Grover said quickly and diligently, “Come here, Mr. Wade, please come here!”

After leaving the casino, Grover drove the Rolls-Royce. , and sent the three back to Aunt Li’s house.

Because Charlie lost money too fast, it was only two hours after the three of them went out.

Before getting off the car, Grover respectfully said to Charlie,

“Mr. Wade, then you have a good rest tonight, and I’ll pick you up tomorrow night!”

He then hurriedly asked, “By the way, Mr. Wade, it’s inconvenient to stay here. I will contact you in advance tomorrow night.”

“No need.” Charlie said casually, “Just contact Claudia directly when the time comes.”

Grover nodded and said cheerfully, “Also fine! Then I will contact her directly tomorrow.”

Charlie hummed, pushed the door and got out of the car, and entered the villa with the two girls.

Grover watched Charlie walk in, with a smug smile on his face, and sighed secretly:

“This is the god of wealth! 300,000 today, 2 million tomorrow, if he has another wave of mentality, say Maybe tomorrow will make him lose even more!”

Thinking of this, he immediately took out his mobile phone, found a number and dialed it, and once the call got through, he opened his mouth and instructed,

“Slow down on Xiaofen today.”

He hurriedly asked: “Mr. Guo, when will we start?”

Grover said: “Don’t worry, stand by at any time, if the time is right, we will talk about it tomorrow night!”

Back to Aunt Li’s house.

She had already tidied the guest room for Charlie on the second floor, which was next to Claudia’s and opposite to Xiaofen’s.

Each bedroom in this house has its own independent bathroom, so it is relatively convenient for Charlie as a big man to live here.

After returning to the room, Charlie made a video call to Claire.

Claire asked him about the situation on his side, and he told her that everything was under control.

He also said that one of his clients had some background in Canada, and he had already asked him to help with the investigation.

He believed that there would be results soon.

After finishing the video call with her, Charlie’s door was knocked gently.

Charlie said, “Come in.”

Then he saw Xiaofen and Claudia push the door and walk in together.

As soon as Xiaofen entered the door, she couldn’t wait to ask:

“Brother, what plan are you working on? Why did you lose so much money to that Grover? It hurts to look at you…”

Charlie laughed Said: “Compared to what I want to do, the little money that I lost to them,”

“It is nothing at all, it’s just a settling fee for their family members.”

Charlie planned to wipe out the whole group, seventy to eighty percent.

“In the future, the number 100 will become life-long laborers.””

“Losing two or three million Canadian dollars to them is nothing.”

“On average, one person is less than three thousand yuan. If it is converted into purchasing power,”

“The selling price of slaves in Europe and the United States may not be the same. Not so cheap.”

Hearing this, Xiaofen quickly asked, “Brother, do you have any plans?”

Charlie nodded and said lightly, “I have prepared a big show, and it will start on time tomorrow night,”

“When both of you will be together. You have the opportunity to watch it up close.”

Xiaofen’s eyes suddenly lit up with anticipation.

And Claudia on the side couldn’t help but ask:

“Brother Charlie… Tomorrow you are going to the casino by yourself, what about Xiaofen and I…”

Charlie knew that Claudia was worried about Xiaofen’s safety.

If Grover’s men came to attack Xiaofen tomorrow night while Charlie is in the casino, it would be really troublesome.

At this time, Charlie said with a smile: “Tomorrow, some of my subordinates will come to Vancouver,”

“And I will arrange these things properly, so don’t worry!”