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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4142 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4142 Start

After winning two games in a row, Charlie seemed to be in a good mood.

He threw a lot of chips of one hundred dollars to Grover, and said,

“Change them to one thousand. One hundred is too small.”

Grover nodded . Found a waiter, and quickly ordered to come.

At this time, Charlie at the gambling table counted the chips at random, and simply dropped 10,000 in it, and said with a smile,

“It’s right tonight, I want to kill three villagers first!”

Grover saw that Charlie was full of confidence , Wanting to pursue the victory, he immediately winked at the croupier.

In this hand, Charlie didn’t get a big card, and the dealer’s card was not too big, only one point bigger than Charlie.

So, the banker eats Charlie’s family and loses the other two.

However, the other two bets were very small, one hundred and one two hundred.

So the banker took back all the previous losses and made a profit.

In fact, when the dealer shuffled the cards, Charlie had already seen the movements in his hands.

These dealers, just like the one who cheated on his mother in law back then, are actually masters of thousands of techniques.

And in this kind of thing there is not a special function.

They are just like the close-up magician, it relies on the speed of the hand that is only fast and unbreakable,

As well as all special blindfolds and props.

The dealer in front of Charlie is also a master of thousand skills.

When shuffling the cards, he hides the Pai Gow he wants in the position he wants,

And then uses his extremely fast techniques and specially trained memory to put these cards and deal them out in the order he wants.

However, his hand speed can deceive ordinary people, but he can’t deceive Charlie.

But Charlie didn’t care either.

He’s here to be the God of Wealth tonight, and is going to cook Grover’s entire gang and send it to Joseph to work as a coolie.

In his opinion, this little bit of money is considered a head fee.

So, he deliberately pretended to be a little annoyed and said:

“Da*n, it’s just a little bit… I still don’t believe it.”

After speaking, he threw another 10,000 in, and said loudly, “Come again!”

Grover was in a good mood at this time.

As the so-called ten gambling nine fraud, the casino is the originator of it.

Just like Grover, he plays the most common psychological tactics.

First let Charlie win two hands with a huge advantage, so that he has the illusion that his card luck is very good tonight.

And then use a very small advantage to win Charlie a game, and win back the next, even Bring back the profit.

He felt that this would make Charlie unwilling, and he would feel that he was only a little short of this one,

And that the next one would be won back soon.

And Charlie really behaved like this. All of this made Grover feel that Charlie had been caught in his trap.

And it was visible to the nak3d eye that the tighter the trap, the deeper the prey in it.

Charlie did live up to Grover’s expectations, and soon fell deeper and deeper into this game of Pai Gow.

Just half an hour later, he had already lost all of the 100,000 chips he had exchanged.

Seeing that Charlie had lost the last chip, Grover was still a little unwilling, so he immediately stepped forward and comforted:

“Mr. Wade seems to be a little mean for his card luck these days.”

“In the hand, your points are already very big, I thought you would definitely win,”

“But I didn’t expect the dealer to be a little bigger than you, it’s really a big loss.”

Charlie looked at Grover, smiled slightly, waved his hand and said,

“Win or lose. It’s a common thing in military affairs,”

“And with such a small amount of money, there’s no such thing as winning or losing. I’ll change to chips!”

Grover took the cash thrown by Charlie, he was overjoyed, and immediately went to change for him a set of chips in a hurry.

This time, he didn’t prepare 100 chips for Charlie, the minimum face value was 1,000 Canadian dollars, and 2,000, 5,000 and 10,000.