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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4141 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4141 Start

Soon, Grover graciously brought a plate of colorful chips to Charlie.

The face value of chips starts at one hundred Canadian dollars and goes up to five hundred to one thousand dollars.

He handed the chips to Charlie, said with a smile, “Dude, your chips!”

Charlie nodded, waved his hands indifferently, and said indifferently, “You hold it.”

“I…” Grover was stunned, and once again felt that he had been slightly insulted.

However, Charlie took out five thousand dollar chips directly from it,

Stuffed it into Grover’s pocket, and said casually, “Don’t worry, I won’t let you go in vain.”

This guy must be an old gambler who has been in the casino all the year round.

And at first glance, he is generous, giving five thousand dollars for tips, which is something he has never seen before.

So, Grover immediately put on a flattering expression, and said with a smile, “Oh, thank you, Mr. Wade!”

Grover, who received the money, was a little more polite to Charlie, and even changed his address from dude to Mr. Wade.

Charlie waved his hand lightly as a response, so he picked up another stack of chips,

Kept picking them up and putting them down in his hands, making a crisp plastic tapping sound, and said to Grover,

“Here introduce them to me, what are some interesting things here?”

Grover held the chip tray and said with a smile: “To tell you the truth, Mr. Wade, we have all kinds of games,”

“Including the more popular dice, blackjack, and rounds in North America.”

“Gambling, baccarat, and Pai Gow that we Chinese people love to play, Pai Gow has been very popular in Vancouver in recent years,”

“And foreigners have also started to play.”

After speaking, Grover added: “If you want to play Golden Flower , I can also arrange it for you.”

Charlie nodded and said, “Play Pai Gow, I like to play Pai Gow, it’s simple, trouble-free, and a no-brainer.”

Grover said quickly: “Okay, here you are. Please!”

At the Pai Gow table at this time, a European-faced croupier was sitting on the banker’s behalf on behalf of the casino.

There were three foreign players sitting next to him, and they were playing well.

Grover stepped forward and took a look. Seeing that the chips on the table opposite the dealer were several thousand dollars,

He patted him on the shoulder and said, “Get up, play something else.”

The man was about to get angry, When he saw it was Grover who was speaking.

He immediately nodded angrily, quickly packed up his chips, and gave up his seat.

Afterwards, Grover politely said to Charlie, “Come on, Mr. Wade, sit here.”

Charlie nodded, sat down in that position, and then asked, “What are the rules?”

Grover smiled Hehe said: “There are no special rules, the gameplay is the same as in China,”

“That is, the minimum bet is one hundred US dollars, and the field will take 5% of the bet!”

Charlie pouted and said: “5% is considerable.”

Grover sneered twice, and said hurriedly: “So, Mr. Wade, since you have spoken, we must give you a discount.”

“For your rake, we will give you 2.5%. Half way!”

Charlie nodded with satisfaction, and said lightly: “It’s almost the same,”

“I don’t care about this little money, but at least the rules must be there.”

After that, he threw a chip of one thousand dollars in, said lightly: “Come on, let’s start.”

Grover, who was standing behind Charlie, took a step back quietly, and then winked at the dealer.

The opponent understood and immediately began to deal cards.

In the first hand, Charlie easily got a pair of sky cards and easily won a thousand dollars from the dealer.

Seeing this, Charlie said with a smile: “I’m lucky today, I’m off to a good start.”

After speaking, he counted another three thousand chips, and together with the previous in and Profit, he lost five thousand dollars.

This time, Charlie won again.