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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4140 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4140 Start

After that, Grover started the car and drove the three of them to the outskirts of the city.

Grover drove the car all the way to the gang’s territory,

Where the environment was much more chaotic than Chinatown, with not only all kinds of gangsters on the streets,

But also many very sultrily dressed street girls.

The Rolls-Royce that Grover drove was particularly conspicuous in this kind of place,

But no one dared to hit this car, on the contrary, when this car passed by,

They would generally stand up straight and raise their hands to say hello.

In this neighborhood, everyone knows that this car is the new purchase of the group’s boss,

So they don’t care who is sitting in the car, when they see this car passing by, they will immediately salute and show respect.

Grover played a deafening hi-fi song in the car, shaking his head as he drove the car into the door of an auto repair shop.

There were several young men with European faces standing guard at the entrance of the garage,

And seven or eight cars were already parked in the yard.

Grover drove the car directly into the repair air of the shop, and then said to Charlie: “Buddy, here we are.”

Charlie and the two girls pushed the door to get out of the car, looked at the repair shop.

It is full of parts, full of oil, so he frowned and asked, “What is this place?”

Grover said: “Do not rush, the field is in the back, here is mainly used as a cover, follow me.”

The three people then followed Grover from the repair workshop through, to the back of another room.

This room is not large, a round table in the place of the door,

In front of four or five young people sitting playing poker, but also are the sentry guards of the little brother.

Several people saw Grover come, stood up, and respectfully greeted.

Grover waved off his long hair with great satisfaction and staggered in.

In the room inside, there was a staircase leading to the underground.

He pointed at the stairs and said with a smile, “The field is down here.”

When Charlie and the three of them followed him to the underground, they realized that there was another cave inside.

Once they got down the stairs, there was a hall of about one hundred and fifty to sixty square meters, with all kinds of gambling tables inside.

In front of each gambling table, there is a special dealer, but not every gambling table has gamblers.

Charlie took a look and found that the business here is not good,

Half of the gambling tables have no customers, the other tables in front have at least only one person, and not more than three or five.

So, Charlie frowned and said with a few spoilers, “This place of yours, why are there so few people?”

Hearing this, Grover could not help but be a little embarrassed.

Recently, the casino business was getting worse and worse, and people were indeed getting less and less.

However, he couldn’t let his fear slip in front of Charlie, so he smilingly said,

“We came a little early, many customers like to come over later to play.”

Charlie said unabashedly, “I have played in so many casinos around the world, no matter which country,”

“The prime time of the casino is from 8 pm to 12 am, you have not many customers after nine o’clock, it is clear that business is not good huh.”

Hearing this, Grover was even more embarrassed.

He was seeing hundreds of thousands of cash in Charlie’s hand,

So he was afraid that Charlie would suddenly come to a word saying he does not want to play, then tonight will be a waste of work.

He is more arrogant, but also dare not directly engage in murder in the casino, if word gets out, the casino will close.

So, he said to Charlie: “Buddy, I’m not going to hide it from you, we mainly serve high net worth customers,”

“Unlike other gang-run casinos where all the three religions and nine classes are put in,”

“And this is mainly to provide a comfortable and quiet atmosphere for high net worth customers.”

The company’s main purpose is to provide a comfortable and quiet atmosphere for high net worth customers.

The next time, Grover greeted a little brother, with a bold face, he ordered,

“Go, give this gentleman 10,000 yuan chips, put it on my account.”

The first thing you need to do is to get the money to pay for it.

For the casino, the chips sent out in front are the bait, they have 10,000 ways to win back the chips sent out,

And then lure the guests to pay out their real money.

Charlie smiled at this time and said blandly: “I gambled from the south to the north, from the east to the west, although losing more than winning,”

“But never took other people’s chips under the field, can not afford to lose that person!”

After saying that, he directly took out ten bundles of cash from the plastic bag and threw them directly into Grover’s arms, saying indifferently,

“Go, bring 100,000 chips for me first.”

Faced with the 100,000 Canadian dollars in cash that were suddenly thrown at him.

Grover woefully embraced left and right before he could hold the 100,000 dollars firmly in his arms.

At this moment, he felt the shame of being called by Charlie, and in his heart, he couldn’t help but curse:

“D*mn, this little ba5tard is pretty fcuking arrogant, I’m not a casino boy, how dare you fcuking ask me to change your chips?”

But then he thought, “I’ve got $100,000 in real money in my pocket!”

“Maybe I can get this guy’s pocket full of money tonight!”

“This is a big deal …… temper must be controlled ……”

So, the fire in his heart instantly dissipated, that this shame also thrown to the nine clouds.

He said in his heart: “You buddy look like the master of the money,”

“I guess the previous gambling in other places, you’re treated like a master,”

“Have long been used to this way of calling on others, forget it,”

“I will serve him a hand today, who can not get along with the fcuking money ……”