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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4139 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4139 Start

After that, Xiaofen said to Auntie Li, “Auntie Li, I’ll take Brother Charlie out for a walk,”

“You don’t have to clean up the dishes, just ask Claudia to put them in the dishwasher later.”

Auntie Li laughed, “I am idle, why don’t you and Claudia accompany Charlie to go around together.”

Claudia was slightly stunned and subconsciously said,

“I …… I won’t go …… I’ll stay and help you clean up the dishes.”

The uninformed Aunt Li said with a smile, “No, I can clean up by myself,”

“You also follow, don’t always stay bored at home after work.”

Claudia slightly considered for a moment, then nodded and said,

“Okay Auntie Li, then I will go around with Sister Fanny and Brother Charlie ……”

Claudia’s heart is really not quite at ease, also wants to follow Charlie over to see.

Charlie does not care, as long as Claudia herself is willing to go, he has no problem at all.

So, the three of them went out the door together.

At this time outside the gate, a brand new Rolls-Royce Thermaltake sedan parked right behind Xiaofen’s used Chevrolet.

In the driver’s seat, Grover, who had medium-length hair.

He tossed his head with a burnt face and waved to the three of them, smiling, “Here I am!”

Claudia surveyed the car and asked curiously, “Newly replaced?”

Grover said smilingly, “How can I afford such an expensive car,”

“It’s the boss’s new one, I borrowed it for use.”

Saying that, he smiled at Charlie and said, “Buddy, I heard my cousin say that you want to go to the field to play two games?”

Charlie nodded and said casually, “My hands are itching, I can’t sleep without playing a couple of games.”

Grover laughed: “My side of the situation, Claudia should have given you an introduction, right?”

Charlie skimmed his mouth, ignored him, but said to Xiaofen at the side: “Xiaofen, open your trunk.”

Xiaofen nodded and unlocked her used Chevrolet with the car key.

Charlie walked directly to the rear of the car, opened the trunk, and took three hundred thousand Canadian dollars in cash, out of the trunk.

Three hundred thousand Canadian dollars, he directly put this amount in a translucent plastic bag to carry.

Grover gave a glance to see the bundles of cash inside, the heart immediately happy, secretly thinking:

“Xiaofen has got a brother I don’t know from where but he seems to be a really rich man ah ……”

At this time, Charlie carried the bag, walked straight to the Rolls-Royce passenger side, pulled open the door, and sat in.

Then, he said to Xiaofen and Claudia: “You two sit in the back.”

Grover was surprised and asked, “They are also going?”

Charlie said casually, “I’ll take them both to have some fun, why? Can’t I?”

Grover originally intended to kidnap Xiaofen tonight, the manpower has been arranged,

In order not to delay the original plan, he pretended to be a man with good intention and said:

“Casinos and such places are not suitable for girls to play, the two can go some other place, what do you think?”

Charlie frowned and said to Claudia: “Claudia, do you know any other casinos? Let’s change one to play.”

When Grover heard this, he immediately panicked.

If Charlie didn’t go to his own casino, all he could lose was his draw for the night.

But if he took Xiaofen and Claudia to another casino, then the plan to go after Xiaofen tonight would go down.

After all, the casino is a place where most people go in and play until dawn.

And Charlie, a big customer with hundreds of thousands of cash, if he goes to the casino of the Chinese gang,

Tired of playing and arranged for five-star hotel accommodation,

Then the plan can not be carried out, which is equivalent to two things all on hold.

So, he thought about it and decided not to rush to Xiaofen tonight,

First get this Charlie, the fat sheep, slaughtered, and then tomorrow night do the same to Xiaofen, after all, she is not likely to run.

So, he hurriedly changed his tone and said: “Ha! Buddy, you don’t mind, I’m not saying not to let them both go,”

“Just a friendly suggestion, since you insist on taking them, I certainly have no problem with it.”

Saying that he looked at Xiaofen and Claudia outside the car and waved his hand,

“Xiaofen, cousin, hurry up and come up, let’s go now!”

Xiaofen and Claudia looked at each other and got into the back row of the Rolls Royce.