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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4136 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4136 Start

For Grover, since Claudia introduced him to the customer, he certainly will not give her a share,

But directly whisk her out, and take these shares for himself.

And if he follows Charlie tonight and accompanies him to gamble, then he is also acting as a code-folder,

And he will be able to take away 25% of whatever Charlie loses!

After taking away the 25%, the remaining 75% of the casino’s revenue, he can also share 10%!

Therefore, Grover’s interest at this time was immediately hooked by Charlie.

This is not a god of wealth at the door?

He has some impatience to bring him over, if Charlie can lose a million or so in their own field, then they will be very rich.


The other side.

Charlie used his own dollar account to easily cash out 300,000 Canadian dollars in a bank near Chinatown.

Tonight, he planned to go to Grover’s field and lose all 300,000.

Afterward, he returned to the convenience store and waited for a short while.

Before Auntie Li pushed the door in carrying the non-woven bag from yesterday’s video.

Xiaofen hurriedly pulled Charlie to welcome him and said excitedly, “Auntie Li, look who’s here!”

When Auntie Li looked up and saw that it was Charlie, her eyes widened at once, and only after a moment did she react!

At first, she was naturally in a happy mood, and just wanted to ask Charlie why he had come so early,

But when the words came to her lips, she realized that her status with Charlie was not the same as before,

So she hurriedly controlled her emotions and said with some respect, “Young master, why have you come so early?”

Charlie was a little stunned for a moment, and quickly said, “Auntie Li, why are you still so polite with me ……”

Auntie Li seriously said, “You are the young master, I am just a subor ……”

Charlie did not wait for her to say the word subordinate, then immediately said,

“Auntie Li, I was brought up by you, in my eyes, you are the mother of our group of children,”

“No matter what my identity, in the end, can not resist this layer of relationship which is the most important,”

“So in front of you, I am not any young master, I will always be your child!”

Aunt Li was in a tangle for a moment.

In fact, not only Charlie was grateful to her, she was, likewise, grateful to Charlie.

When Leon recruited her into the orphanage, she was the only employee of the orphanage who was kept in the dark,

And in terms of daily work, life, and welfare benefits, Leon never treated her poorly.

Later, she, unfortunately, suffered from uremia, and it was the Wade family who sent her away for treatment,

Found for her a suitable kidney source, and invited the best kidney transplant doctor in the country to operate for her.

Even the post-operative recovery was the highest level of treatment that money could buy, even those rich celebrities, I’m afraid they can’t enjoy that.

Later, the orphanage was replaced, and Leon not only gave her a generous severance package,

But also helped her and Xiaofen in Emigration and had someone buy her a mansion in Canada.

In addition, Auntie Li receives 30,000 Canadian dollars every month, which is enough for her and Xiaofen to live a prosperous life here.

In her eyes, it was all thanks to Charlie’s blessing.

Therefore, now that she saw him again, the feeling was different from the one she had seen in the video,

And the moment she really saw Charlie standing in front of her, gratitude and respect still prevailed in her heart.

However, seeing that Charlie has no half of the young master’s frame, and even treats her with respect as always, her heart is extraordinarily torn.

At this time, Xiaofen pitifully said to her: “Auntie Li, if you are so polite to Brother Charlie and so out of place in the future ……”

“Then I can’t call him Brother Charlie and have to call him Young Master instead ……”

“But in my eyes, he is Brother Charlie who grew up with me and loves me like a real brother ……”

Aunt Li heard these words, only to enlighten, panic wiped away the tears from the eyes, said with a smile, “Oops, I’m old and confused ……”

After saying that, quickly looked at Charlie with a happy face, said happily:

“Charlie, you came to Canada, auntie is really happy, you should not have tasted auntie’s cooking for a long time, right?”

“I will make a big meal for you at home at night!”