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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4134 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4134 Start

At this very moment.

The first floor of a restaurant on George Street.

Grover was sitting in front of a wide table, personally supervising a few of his men counting money with two money detectors.

In this group, they have to pay their men once a week, and this evening is the day of payroll.

The members who are active in this group are mostly the kind of people who are drunk today and don’t leave cash for tomorrow,

And immediately squander the money after they get it, and then scratch their hearts and livers waiting for the next payday.

For the entire group of more than 700 people, the average weekly salary per capita is not less than a thousand Canadian dollars,

So the weekly payroll costs, up to nearly a million Canadian dollars.

As he watched the piles of cash being divided into small envelopes, he couldn’t help but feel a big headache and muttered,

“This is not 700 fcuking men, this is 700 fcuking mouths waiting to eat meat ……”

After saying that, he asked one of them, “Hey Pete, how much money can Rich and I have in our hands this week?”

The other person took a look at the numbers on the form and spoke,

“Mr. Guo, the money that will come to you and Mr. Richie will be a total of eleven hundred thousand dollars.”

“Only eleven hundred thousand ah ……” Grover was a little disappointed when he heard this figure.

Although he was the second in command of this group at the moment, the newly promoted boss gave him only 10% of the share.

After all, he is not Italian, and also the driver origin, relying on the advice to take out the Claudia family,

Only to be considered a cast, can get 10% of the share, in fact, has been considered a step up.

In the past, the net profit left to him and the boss every week, at least 200,000 to 300,000 Canadian dollars,

He himself could get 20,000 to 30,000, a considerable fortune, but he did not expect that this week has dropped so much.

So, he was surprised and asked, “Why is it so little this week?”

The other party was busy saying, “The casino’s business has been getting worse and worse lately,”

“The income has been decreasing sharply, those girls that were offered before didn’t sell on any good price,”

“The high-end customers only want untouched cl3an girls, only such girls have a chance to sell at a high price,”

“The batch we sent, was directly brushed off by the auction.”

Grover could not help but think of Xiaofen.

In his eyes, there were only two high-quality girls around, one was Xiaofen and the other was his distant cousin Claudia.

It was a pity that Claudia’s face was burned too frighteningly, so the real high-quality girl was Xiaofen alone.

Originally, he wanted her to be his girlfriend, but she really did not buy his account, and he gradually lost his patience.

So, he said to the man in a cold voice: “There is a good one tonight, if we get her there,”

“She will definitely be selected for the auction and may be sold for a few million dollars!”

“That’s great.” The man said excitedly, “Only if we keep providing high-quality goods will the auction house look at us,”

“Otherwise, we will slowly be blacklisted by the auction house.”

Grover nodded, gritting his teeth as if talking to himself, “It seems that we still have to rely on Xiaofen to make a turnaround ……”

After saying that, he asked, “What’s going on over at the casino?”

The other side replied, “this period of time, big customers, old customers, many have turned to the field opened by the Chinese gang,”

“The Chinese gang’s service is said to be better, they not only redecorated the venue,”

“But also bought a few Maybach, big customers want to go, a Maybach car picks them up, play a long time also manage to eat and live;”

“And, they also found a few young girls from Eastern Europe who specifically accompany the big customers,”

“The guests if they lose, they will also return some gratuitous draws to let the guests flip,”

“Borrowing this aspect is also more flexible, the minions underneath have certain authority, can give the guests on the spot to take the chips ……”

Speaking of which, the other party looked at Grover and said, “Mr. Guo, the big customers are now pursuing the experience,”

“It does not matter if you lose money, the key is to lose happily,”

“Compared with the Chinese gang, our field, the whole is too old, we have to keep up with the times. ……”

“Otherwise, if this continues, the guests will all run away ……”

“You think I do not want to keep up with the times ah?”