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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4130 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4130 Start

Charlie did not doubt the truthfulness of Claudia’s words, because this world is never as peaceful and kind as ordinary people see it to be.

Don’t look at the highly developed economies only, the underground world is the dirtiest place in the world, bar none.

And Claudia herself is the daughter of the former leader of the mafia and must have heard about these things.

What he was most angry about was that these gang members with hands and feet,

Were making huge profits by selling women, which was really outrageous.

So, he forced down his anger and opened his mouth to ask her:

“Then how do you know that Grover is going to lay hands on Fanny?”

Claudia took out a lipstick-like flashlight from her pocket and said, “This is a specific wavelength of a violet flashlight,”

“Which is not quite the same as the wavelength of violet light for general money inspection,”

“And it is not very good to buy on the market, and there is a special potion that goes with this violet flashlight,”

“Which will only show up under this wavelength of violet light, and they will use this potion,”

“After selecting the target, they will use this potion to paint a specific mark on the entrance of the selected target’s home.”

“This is the rule between several gangs, in order to avoid competing with each other,”

“They limit the maximum number of marks of the same gang at the same time,”

“If there is a certain gang’s mark on the door of a certain house, and the number of marks is within the gang’s limit,”

“Then it proves that this gang has chosen this house as a target,”

“And is choosing the opportunity to strike, then other gangs can no longer hit this house anymore.”

Speaking of this, she looked at him and said, “The day I sent you the text message was,”

“The first time I found the mark left by Grover in front of Auntie Li’s house.”

Charlie asked again, “Then why did you contact me?”

Claudia explained, “Because Sister Fanny talks about you most often, and in her eyes, you are simply omnipotent,”

“So I secretly used her phone to find out your phone number and asked you to help her.”

Charlie nodded gently and asked, “Have you ever told Fanny about this?”

“No.” Claudia shook her head and said seriously, “Grover’s people are already on her,”

“The reason why they haven’t done anything yet is because they haven’t found the right time yet,”

“But if she leaves Vancouver by herself at this time, it will only speed up the other side’s actions,”

“So I have been following her around for the past two days,”

“And I used an anonymous phone to call the police several times at night to attract the patrol cars,”

“So I can barely delay the other side for a few days. But this is not a long-term solution after all.”

Charlie frowned, recalling Grover’s words to Xiaofen, and asked,

“According to you, Grover is ready to make a move on Xiaofen tonight?”

Claudia said, “Grover has that interest in Sister Fanny, he has been trying to convince her to accept his pursuit,”

“He comes over once or twice a day these days, but Sister Fanny has never agreed,”

“With what I know about him, his patience should be almost consumed.”

After listening, Charlie nodded slightly.

It seems that Xiaofen’s good deeds towards Claudia reaped good results for her.

If Claudia hadn’t found a way to protect her, I’m afraid that she wouldn’t have been able to wait for him to come over.

And would have been kidnapped by the other party long time ago.

Thinking of this, Charlie looked at Claudia and said seriously:

“Thank you, Claudia, if it wasn’t for you, Fanny might have met with an untimely death.”

Claudia seriously said, “If it wasn’t for Auntie Li and Sister Fanny taking me in,”

“I’m afraid I would have been living in no place now ……”

Charlie looked at the fake scars on her face and opened his mouth to ask:

“The reason you disguised yourself as if you were burned should also be worried about being targeted by them, right?”