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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 413 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 413 Start

Warnia drove Charlie to the vegetable market all the way in her Rolls Royce.

Rolls Royce stopped at the door of the vegetable market. Charlie said to Warnia, “Thank you for dropping me back. I’m leaving.”

Warnia nodded with a complicated expression, and said, “Mr. Wade, go slowly. If there is nothing wrong, you can relax at the Brilliant Club. I have been there recently and will definitely serve Mr. Wade myself.”

Charlie smiled slightly and said, “Okay, I will go if I have time, so I will leave first.”

Warnia nodded her head in a hurry, and said respectfully: “Okay, Mr. Wade go slowly.”

Saying goodbye to Charlie respectfully, watching Charlie’s back disappear into the entrance of the vegetable market, Warnia couldn’t help sighing.

Seeing Charlie, a real dragon with superb strength on earth, had to rush to buy vegetables and cook before his wife got off work, she felt very unbalanced in her heart.

It’s not that Claire has never seen her before. She looks really good and is inseparable from him. However, in terms of temperament, academic qualifications, ability, and family background, she has nothing to compare with herself.

She has received a Western aristocratic education since she was a child, even if she communicated with descendants of European royal families, she did not lose to them in terms of temperament and etiquette.

And she graduated from Harvard University in the United States, Claire just graduated from Aurous Hill University, the school level is also very bad;

She is now in charge of half of the Song family’s industry, and every business has made steady progress. What about Claire? Even a small Willson family couldn’t get a foothold in a small area. Her grandmother and cousin couldn’t make it out. She was incapable, incompetent, and had no wrist at all.

As for the family background, she is even less than a fraction of the Song family!

The Willson family is already on the verge of bankruptcy, and Claire’s own studio has just opened. The gap is almost a thousand miles.

However, she is only better than her in one sense!

She has a good husband!

This is what makes her heart jealous, to go crazy!

Why is she inferior to her in all aspects, but can have such a good husband by her side, willingly and willingly to guard her?

Why is she so good in all aspects, but can’t find a man as good as Charlie as a husband?

Warnia was born proud and never envied anyone, but Claire was the one, who really made her envy her!

She felt that a capable man like Charlie should be with a woman like herself who is very good in every aspect!

In this way, it can be regarded as a talented girl and a strong alliance.

Even, she couldn’t help but impulsively a few times and wanted to confess to Charlie and tell him what she thought of him.

But after careful consideration, she gave up.

It is not that she is unwilling to confess, but that she is still not sure of victory.

Without the certainty of victory, she would probably be rejected or even disgusted by Charlie. In that case, the gain would not be worth the loss!

After so many years of experience in the Song family, and in the business world, Warnia has long developed a good ability to judge the situation and act accordingly.

Therefore, she can only temporarily hold back her inner love for Charlie, first accumulate a good feeling in front of Charlie and in Charlie’s heart, and wait for the good feeling to reach a certain level, then confess to him!