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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4122 Free Novel

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Smith hesitated a little, then as if he had made up his mind, he clenched his fist, looked at Claudia, gritted his teeth, and cursed:

“Claudia, I have never invited you, but you even said that I harassed you in front of my girlfriend,”

“Since you started it first, don’t blame me for being rude!”

Velma saw this, the corners of her mouth wiped a smile of triumph, and then said to the two girls around her:

“You two go and catch that b!tch, I want to give her a good close-up!”

Claudia was a bit alarmed at this point and subconsciously took a few steps backward, but at the same time also clenched her fists more tightly.

She knew very well in her heart that Velma was in no way joking with her.

This girl looks harmless, but in fact, her bones are bad to the extreme.

She has been bullying Chinese classmates who are studying alone, and she has been engaging in bullying at school.

The school was bullied by her bullying students, two hands can not count, and her family does have some background,

Many things can be set up, the general public really can not afford to mess with her.

At this time, Xiaofen suddenly did not hesitate to block in front of Claudia,

And then with a look of asking for help, looked at the silent Charlie.

She did not understand why Charlie, who had always been cynical about evil…

Was hesitant to take action when he saw Claudia being bullied by these problematic teenagers.

In fact, he did not want to see any good show, he just wanted to take the opportunity to understand and observe this girl named Claudia.

On the one hand, to see how this girl acts, on the other hand, can also take the opportunity to understand some messages related to her life.

In the process of abusing Claudia, these people did unintentionally reveal some information.

For example, although she is of mixed race, she should have been studying in a school with more Chinese,

Which is why she was classmates with these Chinese teenagers.

For example, Claudia’s father was a member of the Italian Mafia,

And even though Velma’s previous behavior of actively befriending Claudia,

It could be seen that Claudia’s father must have been a high-ranking figure in the Mafia during his lifetime.

Charlie even guessed that Claudia is likely to have a bit of skill.

Because don’t look at her body which is a little thin, but in Charlie’s opinion,

Her body shows a hidden sense of strength, she seems to be stronger than the average person, a look is not a lot of practice.

He even felt that, don’t see these four problematic teenagers screaming very powerful,

But the real fight, four people combined, may not be Claudia’s opponent.

However, when he suddenly glanced at Xiaofen and saw that her eyes seemed to be full of doubt and confusion about him,

He knew that he could not continue to watch the show.

If he continues to watch, his sister, who is not sure why, will be disappointed in him.

So, he immediately went forward, blocked Smith’s body, and lightly said,

“I see that several of you are Chinese, out and about, did not your parents teach you to keep a low profile?”

Velma rolled her eyes at him, said with a disdainful face: “Grass, who are you, what does it matter to you?”

Charlie frowned, looked at that Smith, reached out and patted his shoulder, seriously said,

“Little brother, your girlfriend’s mouth is really too smelly, this is not even a fight, are you still waiting for the New Year?”

As soon as Charlie’s words fell, that Velma was as if his tail had been stepped on, furiously cursing:

“You fcuking say my mouth stinks? Believe it or not, I will call someone to come and tear your mouth apart!”

Velma was angry, but never dreamed that her boyfriend, who had always obeyed her orders,

Suddenly turned around and stared at her with gritted teeth, saying in a cold voice: “Your mouth stinks!”

“Grass!” Velma’s eyes widened and she cursed, “Smith, what the fcuk are you saying about me?!”

He bellowed and roared, “I said your fcuking mouth stinks!”

After that, he immediately rushed forward, grabbed Velma’s collar, and swung his right hand towards her face, slapping it hard.

This made everyone on the scene, except for Charlie, looking dumbfounded.