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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4118 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4118 Start

Issac immediately replied, “Young master, don’t worry, I’ll mail it monthly!”

Half an hour later, the cab that Charlie was riding in passed through a Chinese-style pagoda and drove into Vancouver’s Chinatown.

As soon as he entered there, he felt as if he had returned to China in a second.

The Chinese street on both sides of the street

Facades, as well as a variety of signs hanging high on both sides of the building, almost all in Chinese.

Moreover, both sides of the street are almost all Chinese faces, foreign faces are few and far between here,

Which makes people feel as if they are in some street of China.

Vancouver Chinatown is one of the world’s most famous Chinatowns and is also one of the largest.

In this city, Chinese people make up 21% of the entire population,

This means that one out of every five people in Vancouver is Chinese.

And Chinatown is a place where Chinese are highly gathered, so it is normal to see no foreigners here.

When the cab drove to this street, the crowd around was even more bustling.

Due to the direction of travel, the driver parked the car across the road from No. 47 Hastings Street.

After Charlie paid and got off, he saw the store named

“Friends and Neighbors”, which is the convenience store run by Auntie Li and Xiaofen.

The store does not look big, width-wise, except for a double-opening glass door, there is only a glass window.

In addition, it can also be seen that the store is newly renovated, the overall neatness, are higher than other stores around by and large.

At this time in the convenience store, there were many people buying things,

And Charlie could even see Xiaofen, who was constantly busy in front of the cash register.

So, he deliberately stood for a while longer, waiting for this wave of customers to check out of the store,

Before he smiled heartily and stepped towards the store.

At this time, Xiaofen, who was behind the cash register to sort out the cash in the cash register,

Heard the wind bell ringing when he pushed the door, and said without raising her head, “Welcome!”

On the side of the shelves in the store, a girl who was turning her back to Charlie and organizing the shelves also said sweetly, “Welcome!”

Charlie saw that both of them were too busy to look at him,

So he directly selected a chewing gum from the shelf, and then handed it to Xiaofen.

She was too busy to look up and just said habitually, “Hello, one dollar please.”

Charlie casually took out a one-dollar coin and placed it in front of her.

It was a one-dollar denomination RMB coin, which, according to the exchange rate, was almost equal to 20 cents of the Canadian dollar.

When Xiaofen saw this one yuan coin, she looked up helplessly and said offhandedly, “Sir, did you take the wrong ……”

Before she could finish the three words “take the wrong”, she saw Charlie with a smiling face.

At this moment, her jaw dropped in shock, and only after a moment did she come back to her senses and shouted,

“Oh my God! Brother Charlie?! How come you’re here!!!”

How did you get here?” She said, climbing over from the cashier’s desk and jumping into Charlie’s arms,

Saying with surprise and joy, “Didn’t you say you’d come only after Sister Claire’s class? How come you’re here already?”

Charlie said with a smile: “It’s your sister Claire’s class, not mine,”

“I have nothing to do in America, so I came to see you first.”

“Mom!” Xiaofen excitedly hugged Charlie and jumped several times before picking up her phone and said,

“I’ll call Auntie Li and tell her the good news!”

Charlie was busy saying, “Auntie Li must have gone to help in the nursery class, right?”

“Yes!” Xiaofen nodded and said, “She is in the nursery class from 1:30 to 6:30 in the afternoon.”

Charlie then said, “Then it’s better not to tell her yet, let her be busy first,”

“So as not to distract her, I’m not leaving today anyway, waiting for her in the store is the same.”