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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4113 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4113 Start

Until Charlie and Claire, and Kelly had dinner and returned to the room,

The mysterious person who sent the text message still did not give Charlie any reply.

Charlie also tried to call quietly, but the other party is still out in the shutdown state.

He is still a little uneasy, so he sent a text message back to this number, the text message wrote:

“If you are a friend of Xiaofen, out of goodwill, please tell me some more specific information, thank you.”

The message was sent, but it also sank like a stone in a deep ocean.

Claire because rushed with a day of travel, more or less felt tired, so after a bath, can not carry anymore and went to bed.

Charlie finished his bath, wrapped in a bathrobe went to the terrace of the presidential suite located on the top floor.

Looking outside at the lights, he has mixed feelings in his heart.

Although this is his first time in Providence, two or three hundred kilometers from Providence, New York, is his grandfather’s family settled there.

The San Francisco Bay Area, a few thousand kilometers away on the west coast, is where his mother, Margaret.

Where she studied at Stanford University and Silicon Valley, where she built her legend.

When he came to the U.S. again after more than 20 years, he missed his mother uncontrollably, like a tidal wave surging.

He remembered his childhood with his parents, his heart dripping blood at the same time,

He could not help but ask himself again, who killed his parents back then, and the other party’s motive, in the end, what was it about?

In addition, he also wanted to know, the Wade family at that time in the domestic premier.

The An family in the international are standing at the tip of the pyramid.

With these two as a backing, why his parents could be still killed by someone.

A thought to this, Charlie’s heart has mixed feelings.

Even though they have the means to the sky, how could they end up like that?

Still can not find out what happened back then, and what was the hidden agenda behind it.

If he can get back his parents’ lives, he is willing to give up everything he has.

Even if it means giving up the “Nine Profound Heavenly Scriptures”, he will have no complaints.

But unfortunately, the world will not give him a chance to exchange.

When he was sighing, his cell phone suddenly rang.

He had thought that it might be a message back from that mysterious person,

But unexpectedly, it was another unfamiliar phone number starting with +1.

Charlie retrieved his thoughts, pressed the answer button, and alertly asked, “Hello, who is it?”

Qinghua’s voice, came from the other end of the phone, “Young Master Wade, it’s me, Qinghua.”

Charlie faintly froze and asked in a respectful tone,

“Mr. Lai, why do you have time to call me at this late hour?”

Qinghua said: “Back to Young Master Wade, there is an important matter,”

“I dare not delay, so I called you at the first opportunity.”

Charlie asked, “Mr. Lai, what is the important matter, please tell me.”

Qinghua said solemnly, “Your grandfather, just now, called me and asked me about the matter of the Rejuvenation Pill.”

“My grandfather?” Charlie frowned and asked, “Was it my great uncle who told him about the Rejuvenation Pill after he went back?”

“Yes.” Qinghua said, “Your grandfather said he wanted to buy the Rejuvenation Pill and hoped I could help match him.”

Charlie asked him, “Mr. Lai, then did you ask him what he intended to buy the Rejuvenation Pill for?”

“I did.” Qinghua said, “But your grandfather said it is not convenient to disclose,”

“I speculate that the probability is that he himself needs,”

“But he can not let the outside world know that his current health encountered a condition.”

Said, Qinghua added: “He asked me how I got the Rejuvenation pills and through what channel,”

“But I have told him, this matter is about a heavenly opportunity, as inconvenient to disclose.”

“And I also told him clearly that if you want to get the Rejuvenation Pill,”

“You have to sign up for next year’s Rejuvenation Pill Auction.”

“But I was afraid that he would monitor my phone, so I changed it to a phone that no one knew about and reported to you.”

“Also in the future, you should not contact my previous phone, this phone is not even known to my family,”

“You can call this number to find me if you have something.”